Qaeda says Pope wants to pull Turkey from Islam-Web

I still don’t understand why can’t these people use some brains and appreciate some one else work too.

DUBAI, Nov 29 (Reuters) – Iraq’s al Qaeda wing on Wednesday condemned Pope Benedict’s visit to Turkey as part of a crusade against Islam aimed at pulling Turkey away from the Muslim world.

“The visit of the Pope in reality is meant to add momentum to the crusader campaign on the land of Islam after the failures of crusader leaders,” the al Qaeda-led “Islamic State in Iraq” said in a statement posted on the Internet. It said his visit to the predominantly Muslim country was “an attempt to extinguish the flame of Islam among our Muslim brothers in Turkey and to wipe out their Islamic heritage… and to guarantee that they stay in the quagmire of secularism established by … (Kemal) Ataturk”.

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World peace through love making!

Remeber 1960s slogan Make Love Not War!! When United States claimed its place as the world’s leading defender against communism. Hindustan Times reports that

A US-based activist couple wants the world to put that into practice on December 22 as part of an anti-war ‘Global Orgasm Project’

Global Orgasm – Dec 22nd 2006 – Peace through Global Ecstacy

For more info please visit


Remember the flower power generation’s slogan from the 1960s: Make Love, Not War? A US-based activist couple wants the world to put that into practice on December 22 as part of an anti-war ‘Global Orgasm Project’.

Donna Sheehan and her partner Paul Reffel have given a call to all peace-lovers around the world, “especially in countries with weapons of mass destruction”, to join the campaign on the winter solstice day “at the time of your choosing, in the place of your choosing and with as much privacy as you choose”. And they are serious about it.



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Sri Lanka ‘recruits child fighters’

Children – the most innocent segment of our global community are forced to fight in Sri Lanka. First it was LTTE who was recruiting Child Soldiers now UN is sayings Government of Sri Lanka is also recruiting Child Soldiers. What the hell is happening, if this report is true then I would like to see other countries to put pressure on Sri Lankan government about this and put tough sanctions against them, if they don’t stop abusing children’s. They can’t use children’s for their own politics. Enough is Enough Stop Child Soldiers.



Sri Lankan government forces are recruiting child soldiers to fight against the Tamil Tiger rebels, the United Nations has said.

A senior UN official said the troops had been rounding up children to fight with the renegade Karuna rebel group.

Col Karuna leads a breakaway faction of the Tamil Tigers, which have themselves been accused of using child soldiers.

Sri Lankan security forces say they are “perturbed” by the “completely misleading” allegations.


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Islamic Jihad Via YouTube

I wish if youtube could do some thing to stop these sort of video to be published on their website. This is most disturbing video I had ever seen and no Idea how youtube people allowed this video to be published on their website?

Please be aware that some of the images in video are disturbing. !!

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Kashmir incursions steady but violence dips – India

Good news for India and all Kasmiri’s as Violence only know one language “Kill Innocents”. But second part of report says

“The infiltration comes despite a ceasefire between the two armies and India’s new fence along the militarised Line of Control dividing the Himalayan territory. India accuses Pakistan of supporting Muslim militants fighting against its rule in Kashmir and of failing to deliver on a promise to end what it calls “cross-border terrorism” — a pledge which is central to the peace process between the nuclear-armed rivals”

shows that Pakistan is not doing enough to stop infiltration. Pakistan leaders are not honest in their commitment that “We will stop infiltration”. I still don’t understand why our government is still relying too much on Pakistan to stop infiltration. Every one knows Pakistan will never ever help India in ending terrorism.

SRINAGAR, India, Nov 7 (Reuters) – Militants continue to sneak across the frontline from Pakistani territory into Indian Kashmir in large numbers but violence has dropped in the disputed region this year, an Indian official said on Tuesday.

The infiltration comes despite a ceasefire between the two armies and India’s new fence along the militarised Line of Control dividing the Himalayan territory. India accuses Pakistan of supporting Muslim militants fighting against its rule in Kashmir and of failing to deliver on a promise to end what it calls “cross-border terrorism” — a pledge which is central to the peace process between the nuclear-armed rivals. “They are maintaining the level of infiltration and the level is a yardstick of Pakistan’s commitment to end cross-border terrorism in the region,” said K. Srinivasan, regional intelligence chief for India’s Border Security Force. The comments came as officials of India and Pakistan were due to resume talks early next week to push forward a slow-moving peace process launched in 2004. Srinivasan said at least 590 Muslim militants had crossed into Indian Kashmir during the last 10 months as compared to about 580 during the corresponding period last year.

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Iraq priest ‘killed over pope speech’

The relatives of a Christian priest who was kidnapped and beheaded in Iraq have said that his Muslim captors had demanded his church condemn the pope’s recent comments about Islam and pay a US$350,000 ransom.

They were speaking as more than 500 people attended a memorial service on Thursday for father Amer Iskender after his decapitated body was found in an industrial area of the northern city of Mosul on Wednesday.

Iskender was a priest at the St. Ephrem Orthodox church in Mosul.

“He was a good man and we all shed tears for him … He was a man of peace,” said Eman Saaur, a 45-year-old schoolteacher who said she attended Iskender’s church regularly.

Pope apology demanded

Iskender’s relatives, speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal, said the unidentified group that seized Iskender on Sunday had demanded a ransom and that his church condemn a statement made by Pope Benedict XVI last month.

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Palestinians teeter on edge of civil war

This is what can happen when citizen choose Terrorist organization (Hamas) to lead the country.

A BLUNT warning that the West Bank and Gaza are on the brink of civil war was issued this weekend by the head of Palestinian intelligence.

Brigadier-General Tawfik Tirawi predicted a bloody clash between Hamas, the Islamist movement headed by Ismail Haniyah, the Palestinian prime minister, and Fatah, its secular rival led by President Mahmoud Abbas.

“We are already at the beginning of a civil war, no doubt about it. They (Hamas) are accumulating weapons and a full-scale civil war can break out at any moment,” said Tirawi.

Abbas’s attempts to form a coalition between the two Palestinian groups collapsed last week after he insisted Hamas must recognise Israel and give up violence. Abbas believes recognising Israel is the only way to secure the release of millions of pounds of European Union and US aid frozen since Hamas won elections in January.

Tirawi believes Hamas will never accept the existence of Israel and said a violent showdown was inevitable. “No way can they agree. They are preparing for a war against us,” he said. Last week 12 people were killed as fighting between the two groups escalated.

According to Palestinian sources, Abbas has notified the US, Jordan and Egypt that he is preparing to take action against Hamas. Egypt has already indicated it would support him, the sources claim.

Tirawi is determined not to let Hamas ruin the faint chance of a peace agreement with Israel. While Hamas is believed to have 8,000 fighters, Fatah sources claim 20,000. Tirawi forecasts that the violence would begin in Gaza and spread to the West Bank.


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Pak still backing terrorists: Nato

Anyone Listening?

WASHINGTON: Pakistan is in the crosshairs of western military commanders as the source, supplier and instigator of terrorism, notwithstanding periodic certifications from the Bush administration that is a frontline ally in the war on terror.

Commanders from five Nato countries – the US, Britain, Denmark, Canada and Holland — whose troops have just fought the bloodiest battle with the Taliban in five years, are demanding their governments get tough with Pakistan over the support and sanctuary its security services provide to the Taliban, according to Ahmad Rashid, a prominent Pakistani analyst and author of an well-known book on Taliban.

In a dispatch from Afghanistan that is roiling Washington, Rashid says Nato’s report on Operation Medusa, an intense battle that lasted from September 4-17, “demonstrates the extent of the Taliban’s military capability and states clearly that Pakistan’s Interservices Intelligence (ISI) is involved in supplying it.”

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US asks India to stop blaming Pakistan

Double standard? When some one attack on US you start full fledges War and when some one attack
India you ask India to sit and talk to resolve the issue. Need to change this attitude if you people really want to win War on Terror. You can’t have one policy for yourself and one policy for the other country for the same problem.


ISLAMABAD, Oct 3: The United States on Tuesday advised India not to blame Pakistan for the Mubmai blasts without certain proof and suggested that New Delhi should resolve the issue through a ‘direct contact’ with Islamabad.

“India should communicate with Pakistan by having direct contact instead of talking about the Mumbai train blasts in the public,” US Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker told a news conference.

He said the United States wanted Indian and Pakistani governments to discuss all the issues between them, including the Kashmir dispute, to normalise their relations.

“We hope that both the countries would keep all their channels open to rectify their misunderstandings,” he said, adding that accusing statements would serve no purpose.

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Update: Turks hijack plane

Italian F-16s intercept hijacked airliner: report
ROME – A hijacked Turkish airliner was intercepted by two Italian F-16s and forced to land in the eastern city of Brindisi, the ANSA news agency reported.

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