Jammu And Kashmir poll result leaves Pak media cold and Pak Leader’s Confused

Jammu And Kashmir poll result leaves Pak media cold and Pak Leader’s Confused

From Times of India:

For a country obsessed with the K word, the Pakistan English media was spectacularly reticent on the outcome of the Jammu and Kashmir election. Newspapers either ignored it or dismissed it in small news items. The Dawn on Monday carried a small 218-word report by Reuters from Srinagar headlined, No clear winner in Kashmir polls. “A period of uncertainty was expected before a coalition was cobbled together,” the report said. Pakistan may now be the single biggest state sponsor of terrorism, beyond even Iran. Yet it has never been listed by the US State Department as a state sponsor of terrorism.

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Well this is very much expected at least by me. Their whole bizarre media industry is busy in running down anti-India propaganda so how the hell is possible for them to show the truth about Indian democracy? They just can’t show to their people a truth about Indian Kashmir and what people of Kashmir in India think about Indian democracy.

It’s a bitter truth and hard to swallow because many Pakistani leader’s who are busy in running their bread and butter shop on the basis of Kashmir issue will find it real hard to digest that Jammu and Kashmir people had reject separatist call for elections boycott and came out to show faith in Indian democracy. Yes we have counted more that 60% turn around and this 60% voting is very hard for Pakistani leadership to digest.

Well I can understand their point of not digesting this fact that people of Jammu and Kashmir did came out to show faith in Indian democracy because if they digest this truth then Pakistan will have to suffer from many job losses as their terrorist (death) industry will go bankrupt and Jihadi’s will have no work (There is an entire jihad industry in Pakistan today which survives on Islamic causes like that in Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Chechnya among others)of killings innocent Kashmiris in the name of religion and nation theory.

Pakistan is the single biggest state sponsor of terrorism and world largest exporter of terrorism.

Their whole theory of survival is based on hate and jealousy, because of these ghastly policies, they have made the Muslims in South Asia insecure and whole south east region a hub of terrorist activity. They just can’t digest success of India especially when it’s come to Kashmir issue. People of Jammu and Kashmir like everyone in India, enjoy our democracy, participate in elections and does hold faith in Indian establishment. Kashmiri’s in India could have more normal life and could be living a peaceful life had Pakistan followed some humanity path not the terror path and killing, terrorizing kashmiri’s in the name of religion and nation theory.

These elections and voting results shows that India is winning the allegiance of local’s of Jammu and Kashmir and this is not good sign for mentally bankrupt Pakistan Media and Pakistan Leadership. Pakistan is The Capital of Lie and false propoganda.

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No Future for the low-cost airline in India?

No future for the low-cost airline in India?

From Livemint

India is not a suitable country for low-cost airline operations as it not only lacks infrastructure like low-cost secondary airports but also the cost of their staff is at par with full service carriers (FSC), a study has claimed. Also, the low fare carriers (LFCs) have to face tough competition from Indian Railways and road transport for destinations of shorter durations. “India has very few secondary airports from which the low fare carriers could operate. Of the 127 airports with the Airports Authority of India, only 80 are operational,” aerospace expert Harmoz P Mama claimed in a study ‘Civil Aviation in India : Challenges and Prospects´.

Read Full Report Here:

Yes this is right because the low-cost tariff model for an airline business in India is suffering lack of infrastructure. We don’t have2nd tier airports to cater low cost airlines, means all fees (airport charges for Airlines) are the same for both regular full service airlines and low-cost airline. Low-cost airlines reduce fares by cutting in-flight service and making use of cheaper airports or we can say 2nd tier airports. But in India we don’t have any tier 2 airports to cater these discounted carriers like we have in Europe and USA a major market for Low-Cost Airlines. Government should make some plans for the development of a separate terminal (No frills airport) for these carriers and should do more in order to promote budget air travel. If we really care and if India really needs this Low-Cost Airlines then government should put focus on infrastructure development which is a major requirement for this aviation industry and for also better economy health.
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Finally a Son-Rise in Jammu and Kashmir: Omar Abdulah is set to become Chief Minister

Finally a Son-Rise in Jammu and Kashmir: Omar Abdulah is set to become Chief Minister of this beautiful state.

From Times of India:


Clearing all confusion, National Conference patron Farooq Abdullah on Monday said that he would recommend to his party that his son Omar  Abdullah should be the new chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir, PTI reported. “The time has now come. I will recommend to the party that it should consider Omar Abdullah for the chief minister’s post. I thought over the issue during the night,” he said with Omar by his side.  Now the state should have a younger chief minister because there are a lot of things to do, the 72-year-old leader said.

Read Full Story Here:


A sensible decision and hoping National Conference will be stick to this (No U Turn this time by Farooq Abdulha) decision and nominate him as new party leader, clearing a path for Omar to be become next CM of state.  We need young blood and energetic person to lead this state in order to bring new hopes and new dreams for the people of this state.


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Jammu and Kashmir Assembly Election Results on Dec 28, 2008:No Son-Rise in Jammu and Kashmir: Farooq Abdullah will be next CM of Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir Assembly Election Results on Dec 28, 2008:

No Son-Rise in Jammu and Kashmir: Farooq Abdullah will be next CM of Jammu and Kashmir.

From Times Of India:

Farooq does a U-turn, says I’ll be J&K CM: SRINAGAR: National Conference patron Farooq Abdullah jumped into the chief ministerial race saying he will head a potential NC-Congress government  in Jammu and Kashmir, hours after indicating that his son Omar Abdullah will get the top job. Answering a flurry of questions on the chief ministership, Abdullah declared he would be the next chief minister. The 72-year-old veteran has been chief minister during three spells between 1982 and 2002.

Read Full Story Here:

It doesn’t matter at this moment who will be the next Chief Minister of Jammu And Kashmir State; only thing matter at this moment is who ever will become CM Son or Dad they must deliver this time. No looking back and please No political games this time. State and people have state had suffered a lot. Coming CM and government must win the heart of locals and try to bring much needed peace in this beautiful state.

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Gujarat ministers, MLAs New Year Treats: Likely to get 25% pay hike

Gujarat ministers, MLAs New Year Treats: Likely to get 25% pay hike

While the people of Indian’s are suffering from recession, job loss and economic crisis our so called leaders are treating themselves by hiking their own salary and that also at par with Government class 1 Officers. Unbelievable.

From Time of India:

At a time when private companies and corporate houses are planning to cut costs, the Gujarat government has proposed a 25 per cent increase in salaries of MLAs and ministers, sources in the government said.  The new pay scale, at par with those of Class I officers, will come into effect from April 2009, sources said.  “In 2005, we had passed a bill in the state assembly by which pay scales of MLAs and ministers have been brought at par with a Class I government servant,” state assembly speaker Ashok Bhatt said.

Read Full Story:

In times of recession, there should be no pay hike, perks for Indian leaders. It’s a time to tight the belt of all politicians and bureaucrats. Like corporate and big companies are busy in cost cutting our government should all do the same instead of treating all leaders for doing nothing.

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Pakistan track record responsible for India’s lack of faith: Fatima Bhutto

Pakistan track record responsible for India’s lack of faith: Fatima Bhutto

Not only are Indian Government and Senior administration officials rushing out to the world saying that We can’t Trust Pakistan and Its leader’s  but some prominent Pakistani’s people are saying same thing that “Pakistan track record responsible for India’s lack of faith”.  Fatima Bhutto niece of Slain former premier Benazir Bhutto’s wrote in a column for ‘Al-Jazeera’ that

From Yahoo.com:

Given the government’s track record, one can understand India’s lack of faith in Pakistan’s justice system,” she wrote in the piece titled, “S Asian neighbours’ linked destinies. The Mumbai attacks, gruesome in nature and planning, have already been given a 9/11 nomenclature – 11/26. That is how many in Mumbai now refer to the violent siege of their city. While the world watches and waits for answers, and for those responsible to be condemned.” “Pakistan’s government has provided little assurance that peace will prevail between the two countries in the coming year,” Read Full Story Here:

She is quite right and bold enough to accept the truth. It is very true that Pakistan track record of tackling terrorist organisation within Pakistan is a biggest joke of this century. From War on terrorism till today Pakistan has done nothing to prove that they are strong enough, honest enough in clearing out the mess of terrorists and terrorist organisation operating within Pakistan.

All worlds knows that all the terrorist organisation based in Pakistan is only surviving because Pak’s Army and ISI wants them to survive and use them time to time to kill Indian’s and make India unstable country, but unfortunately they had failed till now in their motives.  Secondly I guess it’s a defining characteristics of this country leader’s was its shamelessness. All over world people knows, Pakistan Administration knows that terrorist organisation based in Pakistan is responsible for Mumbai Massacre but Pakistan policy of keep denial and keep protecting their own home grown terror babies is what keeping South Asia region in chaos.

Unless Pakistan change its attitude and show genuine approach in tackling with these terrorists ‘ No One will have faith in Them and in their Leader’s.

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Indians told Pakistan ‘Not Safe’: A sensible move by Government of India

Indians told Pakistan ‘Not Safe’: A sensible move by Government of India

From Times of India:

India on Friday warned its citizens against travelling to Pakistan, in a step designed to thwart dirty tricks from Pakistan which on Wednesday had tried to blame a blast in Lahore on an alleged Indian spy. The alert was sounded even as Islamabad’s Lahore frame-up came unstuck with a little-known Taliban outfit based in North Waziristan, Ansar Wa Mohajir, stepping up to claim responsibility for the December 24 blast.

Read Full Story Here: A sensible move by our government. Yesterday government of India made a very sensible and smart decision by issuing warnings to its citizens against travelling to Pakistan. As Pakistan is involved in dirty politics and arresting Indian citizens on false propaganda in order to divert international pressure, it would be better for Indians not to travel Pakistan till Pakistan genuinely shows its right approach in tackling its home grown death industry (terrorist organization).

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Global/United States recession and painful economic slowdown affects are heading towards India now: Over 50,000 IT professionals in the country may lose their jobs

Global/United States recession and painful economic slowdown affects are heading towards India now: Over 50,000 IT professionals in the country may lose their jobs!!

It appears that Global/United States recession and painful economic slowdown affects are heading towards India now. India economic situation which is supposed to be in under control till now will remain in control during this global economics hard hitting period I just hope. Our government did bail out few industries earlier and now it seems like that our Pride IT & ITES industries also needs some bailout packages in coming days.

Yesterday Yahoo.com reported that Over 50,000 IT professionals in the country may lose their jobs over the next six months as the situation in the sector is expected to worsen due to the impact of global economic meltdown on the export-driven industry, a forecast by a union of IT Enabled Services warned.

Read Full Story Here…

I just hope this Global recession is not going to affect adversely Indian industries and we will be able to get out of this economic crunch and job losses things sooner and in a much better way. Keeping Finger Cross

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A Revolutionary Change: Dalits (untouchables) defy Hindu Ban, Enter temple

A Revolutionary Change: Dalits (untouchables) defy Hindu Ban, Enter temple

From Times of India:

MADURAI: After a decade-long struggle, Dalits at Panthapuli village in Tirunelveli district entered the Kannanallur Mariamman temple with help of district officials defying a ban imposed by caste Hindus. Dalits, led by district collector G.Prakash and Superintendent of Police Asra Garg, entered the temple at Panthapuli near Sankarankovil on Wednesday. Though the caste Hindus resented the entry, they did not, however, make any effort to resist the move, apparently due to a stern warning issued by Prakash.

Read Full Story Here: We need this sort of revolutionary change more and more so we can put an end on this shame legacy of our society once for all.  Please do it more and Do it all over India, Remember everyone is equals in our society and in eyes of God too.

Secondly it is sickening that we still continue to describe some people (or should I call our own citizens of India) among us as Dalits, and Untouchables and it is very unfortunate that our national government and some national media too legitimize this label of discrimination for many reasons (that we can discuss it later). We don’t need words like Dalits, Untouchables in our Indian society. It’s just a shame that even today Caste System still occupies an important place in the Hindu religion.

If Hindu society wants to survive then it’s high time to time to stop discrimination (Dalits, Untouchables) from our society and start treating everyone equally….

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Every three minutes a woman becomes victim of a crime somewhere in India

Every three minutes a woman becomes victim of a crime somewhere in India

 From Yahoo News:

New Delhi, Dec 25 (IANS) Every three minutes a woman becomes victim of a crime somewhere in India . The highest number become targets of their husbands and in-laws. A total of 185,312 incidents of crime against women were reported in the country during 2007 as compared to 164,765 during 2006, an increase of 12.5 percent. The number of crimes committed against women has increased continiously during the last five years.

In 2007, the highest number of crimes against women was recorded in Andhra Pradesh, according to the ‘Crime in 2007′ report of the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB). Homes were far from being safe havens for women. Last year, 75,930 women became victims of torture and cruelty by their husbands and in-laws, accounting for the highest number of crimes against women.

 Read Full News Here: It’s a national shame that Girls & Women are not safe in India. It is really unfortunate that a country which has got so many plus points always tops the list of women molestation, girl rape and wife bashing. How can we say that India is progressing?  How the hell any one of us can even think that we will become developed nation in coming years when we know that Every three minutes a woman becomes victim of a crime somewhere in India . Just Shame!!

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