Execution Of A Teenage Girl in Iran Under Sharia Law !!!!

Here’s a documentary from BBC2, on the appalling execution by Iran of a 16-year old girl, Atefah Sahaaleh, for violating shari’a law. 

Not long after dawn on August 15, 2004 a teenage girl was dragged through a town square in the Iranian provincial city of Neka, and executed after being sentenced to death by an Iranian judge, Haji Rezai, for allegedly having committed “acts incompatible with chastity”:

After looking this document any one can make out that it’s entirely possible this poor girl was a rape victim, further victimized by the misogynistic barbarism of shari’a. But again it’s hard to prove rape in Iran, where, under Sharia law, the age of sexual consent for girls is 9. Time she had sexual relationship she was only 13 years old and guy was 51 years old, a taxi driver married and with kids. 

How these barbarism can execute a 16yrs old girl, supreme court of Appeal documents described her as a 22-year-old, but no one bothered to check her real age, and interestingly her death certificate and birth certificate both shows her age 16. She has medical certificate showing she suffer form mental and psychological problem.

And according to UN Human Rights Convention no country is allowed to execute any body under the age of 18.

Shame on you Iran, who allow execution of little teenage girl.

Another Act of Barbarism !

Reservation: A game of Politics or A need of India?

Reservation: A game of Politics or A need of

Our government has recently announced plans for increasing the reservation or quote system from 27% to 49.5%. As per government note this reservation or quota system is essential and its only and main purpose is to increase the social diversity in campuses and work places by lowering the entry criteria for certain identifiable groups who are grossly under-represented in proportion to their numbers in general population. In short, its corrective measure by the government, to give justice and equal opportunity to backward class.


As citizen of
India I would love to see when government is trying to give equal right and equal opportunity to every citizen. While implementing this quota system, government is not doing justice with every citizen of
India, what government is trying to do, total injustice.


We need quota system if it’s based on economical basis, not on caste basis. Even our constitution says, No one in
India is allowed to discriminate any body on basis, race, gender, sex or on caste. By implementing the quota system, on basis of caste is termed as racial discrimination.


In 1979 when Mandal commission was setup, to asses the situation of socially backward and economically backward class people, commission didn’t have any records of  OBC, so commission used the 1930 data, came up with that in India almost 52% people are from OBC. So till today all the quota system is based on this report, which is made of data of 1930 census. Since then not a single government has tried to asses the situation again. Since the implementation of quote system, many communities have been benefited and now they are cream layers of our society.


So my question is when these cream layers of OBC /SC/ST are not any more socially or economically backward, why they still get the benefit of quote system?


Even government knows very clearly that, this quota system is only going to benefit the economically sound people of lower caste. If we look on some of the studies, it clearly says that the OBC class is quite comparable with the general caste in terms of annual per capita consumption. 

By implementing this quota system on caste basis, government is running away from its main duty that is giving these OBC /SC/ ST people their basic rights. These people need proper infrastructure to raise them selves, so that can perform equally with others citizen of this country. What is the use of reservation in IIM or IIT, when person from this community don’t even have access to the proper school in his village or in town? I know many villages and town, which don’t even have proper government school or public schools. Government should put more efforts in building basic infrastructure for these backward classes; give them proper education so that can compete any where in world not just in


Government doesn’t have proper monitoring system to see, who is taking the advantage of this quota system. I remember that in June or July there was program on TV showing how people of upper caste in
Punjab are making false certificate of OBS/SC/ST so that they can get job and education.


So who is benefiting from this quota system? People with money and power. Every one knows that you can get the certificate of OBC/SC/ST from your local authority, if you pay some bribe, and it is happening, it has happened in past people took the advantage of this and take my word it will happen in future again, as government doesn’t have any proper monitoring service.


So in short the current approach from quota system is not going to help all those people who are leading very pathetic life in
India, irrespective of caste.


If government really wants to do some thing for these people, then she should provide proper primary education system first to every citizen who is leading pathetic life irrespective of caste. Give them proper and full scholarship, motivate them to go to school, reduced the drop out from school.


It just a shame that some our Ministers, are talking of quota system for these people just to raise their vote bank. We need reservation on grounds of economics, not on caste system. We need proper infrastructure which government has promised us. We need proper primary education for these poor people.


I would welcome any government move to support every citizen of this Great India irrespective caste, to make their life and their children life better for tomorrow.


Please don’t divide this country on caste system; we had enough of caste system in

Vande Mataram- Un Islamic? An ongoing debate

It is wrong for Muslims to sing Vande Mataram, the Shahi Imam of
Delhi’s Jama Masjid Syed Ahmed Bukhari said, adding those advocating the song were deviating from the religion.


Vande Mataram song, composed by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee in 1876, was adopted as the national song at the
Varanasi session of the All India Congress Committee on Sep 7, 1905. The thundering slogan of Vande Mataram during freedom movement thrilled the public of the country irrespective of their religious faith. Hindu and Muslim both have used this song during our freedom struggle. The effect this song may be understood in the light of enthusiasm demonstrated by Indian citizens in the freedom struggle. 

So how come this song has become un-Islamic now?


According to Shahi Imam of
Delhi’s Jama Masjid Syed Ahmed Bukhari, singing Vande Mataram is against the Islam, because in Islam nothing is above the Allah including motherland. This sort of statement particularly dangerous of our country specially the word called Secularism.


If we take his statement, in Islam Allah is above every thing including motherland, mean if there is war with any Muslim country, we should not trust Muslims? As per Islam if Muslim kills Muslim is against Islam. But if we look at our history its not the case many Muslims had given their life for this country, and still love to give every thing for


I had seen many comments or other blogs, suggestion singing Vande Mataram should be made as a personal choice. Let me clear few points, in democracy you do get basic rights, but there are certain things you can’t choose for example you can’t burn your flag it’s a crime, so similar goes with national song and national anthem. Second it’s not a matter of personal choice, its matter of national unity. Issuing fatwa saying or asking parents, make sure kids doesn’t sing Vande Mataram is not personal choice of kids, its choice of some radicals Muslims leaders who are trying to impose their own personal statements on this kids and Muslims as whole.


I can’t see problem in singing a song, which praise your mother land, When a Hindu can sing, a song sare jahan se achcha hindusta hamara, written by great Urdu poet who later migrated to
Pakistan. Should we take out this great patriotic song because writer was Pakistani? It’s unthinkable.


When actor or actress form Muslims community, can worship god and goddess in movies, or sing a patriotic songs, why Muslims leader see there is problem in singing Vande Mataram as whole?


Why don’t these radicals ask there own community to boycott the movies or any program hosted or run by any Muslim actors or actress, which praise or sing or worship Hindu god and goddess?  


We are living in cynical world today, we don’t need this sort radical in India, I just hope and pray to God or Allah or Bhagwan or Jesus, that please given some sort of blessing to these radical so that they can perform their own duty as leader of particular community. What we need or expect from Shahi Imam of
Delhi’s Jama Masjid Syed Ahmed Bukhari is a statement denouncing terrorism, educating fellow Muslims and helping this great Secular country to live in peace. Mr. Bukhari you are Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, so act like Imams not like bloody politicians.


Holy Koran teach us about peace and live with other peacefully, making this statement and creating difference between community, trying to divide country and spreading hatred with in community is against the Koran.


So please act as Shahi Imam of
Delhi’s Jama Masjid, be a messenger of peace and let the world knows, what really Islam is about.


Note: Let me clear one thing, even I don’t think singing the song does make some one patriotic, or not singing song doesn’t make you traitor, but its treason to issue Fatwa or statement against country national song.

Indias democracy faces major challenges?

Democracy means a political system, which is recognized and form by the citizen of the country and its ultimate authority belongs to citizens of country, who have full right to participate in decision making process and to elect or dismiss the government. It other words an active participation of all citizen of the country in choosing the government and involved in decision making. In democracy every people live in rule of law, in which law applies to every citizen equally. Democracy also means rule by majority, but main element of democracy is how majority people look after the minority, how power full people look after power less people. In India we live in democracy so it means the minority has equal rights too no majority may violate. But by looking over the recent situation and news it makes me think are we honestly living in pure democracy? Mr.Arjun Singh is busy in implementing the quota system, Shahi Imam is sending out the message that singing our national song is against the Islam, Medical student are on hunger strike for reservation system, some stupid people are opening the restaurant in Mumbai Naming Hitler Cross, and in Interview owner and MD is issuing the statement that its only “surname” in Germany nothing wrong with it. This sort of things makes me wonder, is this sort of democracy we really wanted, when we got freedom? Is this is the dream of Ghandiji democracy? Today out politicians are making laugh and joke about our democracy and our democratic values. Minister are busy in pleasing some particular segment of society, just because bloody vote bank politics, religious leaders are sending hatred messages, no one is bothered about the student who are on hunger strike, People who has opened restaurant didn’t realize or don’t want to realize that it might hurt the feelings of minority Jews community. Big question are we heading in right democratic way? Or we loosing out the main core values of democracy? In my point certainly not, we are not heading in right way, we have lost many core values which makes full word called Democracy. Take a case of Mr.Arjun Singh, if he really wanted to go ahead with reservation system, first of all why they didn’t declared in their manifesto in last election? When student and doctors, engineers went on strike in May and in June, why he never thought instead of implementing the quota system, which is based on 1979 report, and data was based on 1930 census should be put again for assessment, before implementing? Every one knows that since implementation of quota system in 1990 by our Ex. Prime Minister Mr.V.P.Singh, many OBC/SC/ST has become cream layers of society. So question arises why these people who have already taken the benefit of this quota system from 1990 till today should be made eligible for quota system again? They had made their life better and now it’s their own duty to help their family members. I wish we had some sort of law which prohibits these politicians to make any major change in law which have major affects on our society and lives as whole, without going through proper voting process through voters, who had elected them in first place, as democracy says that government ultimate authority belongs to citizens of country. Either they must declare in their manifesto before the elections or go through voting process and involve every citizen in making any major decisions. We as people of this country trust these Minister and leaders to make decision which benefit the society as whole not just particular segment of society. Mr.Singh you let us down, as you had showed the true colours of bloody vote bank politics. I have been reading news today about students who got detained while protesting against the quota system, and released later on. So are we heading towards communist rule? In democracy every citizen got the right to protest, freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Putting these student in jails who are the future of this country and challenging them that government will cancel their registration, is just childish way to deal with the situation. Either government is not taking this particular situation very seriously or they are short of diplomats to sort the situation. You cannot take this sort of situation specially where youths of the country is involved in light weight, and I still don’t understand why other politicians from different parties are not coming out to support these student are they scared that they might loose vote bank? Well one thing is clear it is vote bank politics’ I don’t know how many politicians will get benefit by this vote bank politics but one thing I can bet that normal citizen of this country either from upward class or backward class or SC or ST are going loose. Shahi Imam of Delhi Jama Masjid issuing statement, it is wrong for Muslims to sing Vande Mataram, adding those advocating the song were deviating from the religion. Well Mr. Syed Ahmed Bukhari can certainly argue and come out to say, well I have got freedom of speech and I am the leader of Muslims community so I am entitled to raise the issue which I think is wrong as it is democracy. According to Mr. Syed Ahmed Bukhari singing the song is against Islam, because in Islam nothing is above the Allah including motherland. Well Mr.Bukhari, let me clear few things first of all it’s not a Hindu song it is a national song, second if you really live in democratic country then you should realize that every citizen got right freedom of speech. So singing a song or not singing should be leave up to individual’s decisions? You are not allowed forcing anything on anyone. Third even like in UK or in USA you have liberal democracy and you have full right, but you don’t have right to issue any statement against your country national flag, national anthem and on national song. I don’t think singing a song does make some one patriotic, or not singing a song doesn’t make you traitor, but its treason to issue Fatwa or statement against country national song asking whole community to boycott the national song. So please try to bridge the gap between divided communities as a leader of one religion, instead of create more gaps between communities. Opening a restaurant with “Hitler Cross” is shame, loads of people argued about this, some people even owners says that’s its just place to relax nothing to do with war, its just a “surname” we are using which is common in Germany. Well people who think it’s not a big issue opening the restaurant with this name, then I would request you to go and analysis the situation again. As we live in democracy, then we should think and always think about minorities living with us. You have certain rights, but remember democracy give the equal rights to minorities too. As we live in democratic country it’s our duty to protect minorities’ rights and make sure their feelings don’t get hurt. Wendell Phillips once said: “Governments exist to protect the rights of minorities. The loved and the rich need no protection: they have many friends and few enemies.” Restaurant name is associated with dark history of the last century, where loads of innocent’s people got killed and burned to death. By saying this is not about war, make me laugh well why anyone should choose this name, this shows the type of mentality owner and people advocating this got where they are not concerned about minorities Jews feelings and want a cheap publicity. I find it shocking that this fact is not more shocking to the citizens of this country. Of course it was just in the opinion section and not the conclusion of a rigorous investigative reporting piece, but at least it’s something. As any country can only become super power when their citizen does works towards the betterment of society. We need citizen of India, who wants to put their head and neck in development of this country as whole. Famous American consumer activist, Ralph Nader, once said: “The most important question that can be asked about any society at any time is how much effort do citizens spend exercising their civic responsibility. We cannot possibly have a democracy with 200 million Americans and only a handful of citizens.” We got more than 1 billion populations but question arise how many citizens we got out 1 billion?

Have A dinner At Nazi Palace


A security personnel stands guard outside a new restaurant, named after Adolf Hitler and decorated with posters showing the German leader and Nazi swastikas, on the outskirts of Mumbai August 21, 2006. REUTERS/Stringer

MUMBAI (Reuters) – A new restaurant in India’s financial hub, named after Adolf Hitler and promoted with posters showing the German leader and Nazi swastikas, has infuriated the country’s small Jewish community.

‘Hitler’s Cross’, which opened last week, serves up a wide range of continental fare and a big helping of controversy, thanks to a name the owners say they chose to stand out among hundreds of Mumbai eateries.

What owner is saying? Nazi Leader was right? Killing so many innnocents? Fatima if you dont understand any thing about sensitive issue, why you gone this far? look at her words….

“This place is not about wars or crimes, but where people come to relax and enjoy a meal,” said restaurant manager Fatima Kabani, adding that they were planning to turn the eatery’s name into a brand with more branches in Mumbai.”

So this place is not about war, but sound like war memorial right? ……..How the hell she got the permission from Mumbai Municiapl corporation to open the resturant? Well yeah I forgot bloody corrupted politics.. 


A big event in
Manchester, today thousands of Muslims and Non Muslims will attend an event organized by Islamic Forum ExpoIslamia, a convention whose stated goal is to present Islam and its teaching in purest way to the world.


In my opinion it’s a good start, to find more information about this event, when I visited on their website to see who are organizer and speakers, I was shocked to see they had invited Azzam Tamimi, who openly showed and raised his support to suicide killings, Hezbollah, and all Jihads.


You can see Azzam Tamimi, video in which he declared his support to Jihad and Hezbollah.



Second speaker second speaker is Yvonne Ridley, former British journalist for daily tabloid, converted to Islam about 3 years ago after being captured by Taliban’s in
Afghanistan. Now political activist, member of Respect Party, headed the George Galloway. In recent meeting she declared


“Respect Party is Zionist Free Party, if there is any Zionism found in Respect party, it will be hunted down and kicked out. We have no time for Zionist”


In my earlier post I was talking about, how we can and other Muslims leaders present Islam in purest way. In my opinion this was good opportunity to show the world that Islam religion is peaceful religion and has nothing to do with terrorism and violence. But inviting these radicals as speakers and mains guest, they had lost opportunity.


My question why we should we go to this event, when I know people who are speaking are full of hate for other community and religion.


To find out about this event and speaker, please visit




Islamophobia: Yes it is Present in Western Countries !

Passengers to
Manchester bound Monarch Airlines, refused to allow jet to take off, until two British Asian Men are thrown out off Plane. What a sad day, the people got scared by two Men because they were talking in Arabic, so talking in Arabic is terrorism now? I do understand since 9/11 the world has changed for ever, hate towards each other has increased. New terms come in our dictionary Islam phobia. This sort of act does show that Islam phobia has been present in western culture.


“Mutiny as passengers refuse to fly until Asians are removed. Passengers refuse to allow holiday jet to take off until two Asian men are thrown off plane. British holidaymakers staged an unprecedented mutiny – refusing to allow their flight to take off until two men they feared were terrorists were forcibly removed”


For full article, Please vistit here



Islam phobia definition. 

There many definitions have been put forward for word called Islam phobia. 

According to
Runnymede Trust:

The Runnymede Trust has identified eight components that they say define Islamophobia. 

This definition, from the 1997 document ‘Islamophobia: A Challenge For Us All’ is widely accepted, including by the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia. 

The eight components are: 

1) Islam is seen as a monolithic bloc, static and unresponsive to change. 

2) Islam is seen as separate and ‘other’. It does not have values in common with other cultures, is not affected by them and does not influence them. 

3) Islam is seen as inferior to the West. It is seen as barbaric, irrational, primitive and sexist. 

4) Islam is seen as violent, aggressive, threatening, supportive of terrorism and engaged in a ‘clash of civilisations’. 

5) Islam is seen as a political ideology and is used for political or military advantage. 

6) Criticisms made of the West by Islam are rejected out of hand. 

7) Hostility towards Islam is used to justify discriminatory practices towards Muslims and exclusion of Muslims from mainstream society. 

8) Anti-Muslim hostility is seen as natural or normal. 

For a summary of the 1997 report, see here 

By looking this sort of act and things, I guess Muslims leader must start doing some thing sensible and positive instead of complaining about government policies. They should tell and send out the messages to all young Muslims that it’s about time that people started treating themselves as citizen of thier respective country first and foremost. Then put religions into second or lower ranking. When ever I traveled to any Islamic countries, I do respect their tradition and culture, so I expect the same should apply to Muslims in Western countries.


They have to earn faith, else anyone look like Asian appearance will be treated as Terrorist.