Born in OBC category and every thing is reserved for you in India!!

Published on 20th May 2006

50 percent reservation 100 percent politics

Just 2 days ago, Indian government announced that reservation for OBC (other backward classes) will come into force form July 2007. What a shame!

So from July 2007 reservation for SC/ST and OBC will be 49.5, 49.5 is only because Indian constitution only allows reservation up to 50 percent else we could have 100 percent reservation. Bloody vote bank politics.

Arjun Singh our honourable minister is playing dangerous game. I don’t think he concerned about OBC at all, he is only concerned about OBC vote bank.

In my opinion going ahead with reservation by caste system, will more divide the society. If government really wants to help people why they not concerned about economic backward people or poor people of upper caste? Give them reservation too. Reservation should only be based on economic factor not by caste.

Now another honourable minister is talking about reservation in corporate jobs wow! So all the OBC (including cream layer of OBC) will get seats in school by reservation, seats in higher education by reservation and also seats in all higher professional college by reservation and once he finished by his studies he will get job by reservation. Cool

So I want to ask from my elected government where they (OBC) had competed by other normal people? No where.

Only thing is sure in this country now is you get birth in OBC category family and you will have all thing reserved for you as soon as you will come into this world.

If you born in Normal category then God bless you!!

Good Job

Disowned by my own country

Long Live Youth for equality

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