Gujarat: Fanna Movie Banned in Gujarat

Published on 26 May 2006

So Fanna is banned in Gujarat? Banning Fanna makes me think that, are we really living in democratic country? Banning this film in Gujarat clearly shows that Honourable Chief Minister of Gujarat doesn’t believe in freedom of speech or freedom of expression.


I am not a supporter of Narmada Bachao Andolan, in fact I am against of all these Andolan which is only political propaganda and does stop India’s progress. We need more infrastructure, light, water to compete with all developed countries. Raising height of Dam does help in solving water problem facing by many Gujarat’s population.

People who has lost there land because of water dam, are entitled of full compensation and all sort of support they need and deserve.

Hope government will listen there voices and will provide all the compensation and support they need and deserve.

But banning movie of Aamir Khan in Gujarat just because he has raised his voice and concern for the people of Narmada Bachao Andolan, shows Gujarat government does not believe in democracy.

Honourable Chief Minister of state again showed lack of knowledge about democracy.
If Honourable chief minister does believe in democracy, then he should allow this movie to be shown in Gujarat freely, and let people of states decide if they want to watch the Aamir Khan movie or not.

This is Democratic country and every one has rights to say or put his point of view on anything.

Be a Democrat not a Hypocrat

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