….War On Your Freedom Of Speech…..

Published on May 28 2006

I feel like they (some political parties and there associated wings) are trying to control and censor his (Mr.Aamir Khan) freedom of speech and freedom of expression right. On media they say they are not related with this issue, banning of his movies in Gujarat is the action of general public of Gujarat as they are very angry with his comments about Narmada. So I want to ask from these political parties why there members and associated wings burning Fanna movie posters and keep saying on media that, they will not allow his movies to be released in Gujarat unless Mr.Aamir Khan say sorry.

Sorry for what? In democracy every one has a right to express his views without any censorship. Freedom of is often regarded as an integral concept in modern democracies.

So please respect freedom of speech and freedom of expression right and let his movie be released all over Gujarat with out any problem and let the people decide if they want to watch or not.

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