Sex attacker freed but he must say sorry in a letter.

Sex attacker freed but he must say sorry in a letter.

The “geeky” son of a millionaire who sexually assaulted a sleeping student was spared jail after agreeing to write a letter of apology to his victim.


Prashant Modi walked free from the Old Bailey yesterday despite admitting attacking the 22-year-old Swedish woman in his hotel room when she was “out of it”.


Modi, 33, had been facing 18 months in prison. But the Indian was given a six-month suspended sentence when the judge used new legislation to make an “activity requirement” on the defendant.


Modi lives in
New Delhi and his father Yogendra is the chairman of Great Eastern

Energy, an Indian-based oil and gas company.


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What a stupidity. So judge trying to say that if anyone doesn’t know about western culture can rape women and go for free? Tell me which culture says raping women is ok? Get a Man from any tribe he will tell you straight away that raping is wrong and it’s a Sin. I hate these sorts of rules and judgments. Every one knows even dumb person can tell you, if you Rape you will be jailed? Mr.Modi is rapist and he should serve the Jail sentence and Mr. Judge should be removed form his post

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