Innocent Till Proven Guilty

No lawyers to defend 7/11 blasts accused

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So Mr. Raj Thackrey is threatening to lawyers, not defend accused involved in Mumbai bombing or face consequences? We need this sort of leaders for our future aren’t we?  


And he is leader and President of newly formed political party Maharashtra Nav Nirman Sena.

Mr. Thakcrey My only question is with you, you had made the party and I hope you also know the meaning of Democracy right?


In democracy on thing is very important, how power full means majority people treat less power means minority people. In democracy every one got loads of rights, in which one right is Fair Trial. In order to provide Fair Trial in our beloved country with respect, the government made clear and its absolute commitment to fair trial procedures and due process of law. This means a guarantee that accused will have a public trial in which he has a right to representation by lawyers of his choosing and has a full opportunity to challenge the allegations against him. His rights as a defendant and the rights of all victims and witnesses must be fully protected.


So far I know we live democratic country, remember they are only accused its not proved yet whether they had been involved in bombing or not, so till then please allow this trial to go fair one, as whole world is watching us.


Innocent Till Proven Guilty

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