A big event in
Manchester, today thousands of Muslims and Non Muslims will attend an event organized by Islamic Forum ExpoIslamia, a convention whose stated goal is to present Islam and its teaching in purest way to the world.


In my opinion it’s a good start, to find more information about this event, when I visited on their website to see who are organizer and speakers, I was shocked to see they had invited Azzam Tamimi, who openly showed and raised his support to suicide killings, Hezbollah, and all Jihads.


You can see Azzam Tamimi, video in which he declared his support to Jihad and Hezbollah.



Second speaker second speaker is Yvonne Ridley, former British journalist for daily tabloid, converted to Islam about 3 years ago after being captured by Taliban’s in
Afghanistan. Now political activist, member of Respect Party, headed the George Galloway. In recent meeting she declared


“Respect Party is Zionist Free Party, if there is any Zionism found in Respect party, it will be hunted down and kicked out. We have no time for Zionist”


In my earlier post I was talking about, how we can and other Muslims leaders present Islam in purest way. In my opinion this was good opportunity to show the world that Islam religion is peaceful religion and has nothing to do with terrorism and violence. But inviting these radicals as speakers and mains guest, they had lost opportunity.


My question why we should we go to this event, when I know people who are speaking are full of hate for other community and religion.


To find out about this event and speaker, please visit




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