Vande Mataram- Un Islamic? An ongoing debate

It is wrong for Muslims to sing Vande Mataram, the Shahi Imam of
Delhi’s Jama Masjid Syed Ahmed Bukhari said, adding those advocating the song were deviating from the religion.


Vande Mataram song, composed by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee in 1876, was adopted as the national song at the
Varanasi session of the All India Congress Committee on Sep 7, 1905. The thundering slogan of Vande Mataram during freedom movement thrilled the public of the country irrespective of their religious faith. Hindu and Muslim both have used this song during our freedom struggle. The effect this song may be understood in the light of enthusiasm demonstrated by Indian citizens in the freedom struggle. 

So how come this song has become un-Islamic now?


According to Shahi Imam of
Delhi’s Jama Masjid Syed Ahmed Bukhari, singing Vande Mataram is against the Islam, because in Islam nothing is above the Allah including motherland. This sort of statement particularly dangerous of our country specially the word called Secularism.


If we take his statement, in Islam Allah is above every thing including motherland, mean if there is war with any Muslim country, we should not trust Muslims? As per Islam if Muslim kills Muslim is against Islam. But if we look at our history its not the case many Muslims had given their life for this country, and still love to give every thing for


I had seen many comments or other blogs, suggestion singing Vande Mataram should be made as a personal choice. Let me clear few points, in democracy you do get basic rights, but there are certain things you can’t choose for example you can’t burn your flag it’s a crime, so similar goes with national song and national anthem. Second it’s not a matter of personal choice, its matter of national unity. Issuing fatwa saying or asking parents, make sure kids doesn’t sing Vande Mataram is not personal choice of kids, its choice of some radicals Muslims leaders who are trying to impose their own personal statements on this kids and Muslims as whole.


I can’t see problem in singing a song, which praise your mother land, When a Hindu can sing, a song sare jahan se achcha hindusta hamara, written by great Urdu poet who later migrated to
Pakistan. Should we take out this great patriotic song because writer was Pakistani? It’s unthinkable.


When actor or actress form Muslims community, can worship god and goddess in movies, or sing a patriotic songs, why Muslims leader see there is problem in singing Vande Mataram as whole?


Why don’t these radicals ask there own community to boycott the movies or any program hosted or run by any Muslim actors or actress, which praise or sing or worship Hindu god and goddess?  


We are living in cynical world today, we don’t need this sort radical in India, I just hope and pray to God or Allah or Bhagwan or Jesus, that please given some sort of blessing to these radical so that they can perform their own duty as leader of particular community. What we need or expect from Shahi Imam of
Delhi’s Jama Masjid Syed Ahmed Bukhari is a statement denouncing terrorism, educating fellow Muslims and helping this great Secular country to live in peace. Mr. Bukhari you are Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, so act like Imams not like bloody politicians.


Holy Koran teach us about peace and live with other peacefully, making this statement and creating difference between community, trying to divide country and spreading hatred with in community is against the Koran.


So please act as Shahi Imam of
Delhi’s Jama Masjid, be a messenger of peace and let the world knows, what really Islam is about.


Note: Let me clear one thing, even I don’t think singing the song does make some one patriotic, or not singing song doesn’t make you traitor, but its treason to issue Fatwa or statement against country national song.

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