Execution Of A Teenage Girl in Iran Under Sharia Law !!!!

Here’s a documentary from BBC2, on the appalling execution by Iran of a 16-year old girl, Atefah Sahaaleh, for violating shari’a law. 

Not long after dawn on August 15, 2004 a teenage girl was dragged through a town square in the Iranian provincial city of Neka, and executed after being sentenced to death by an Iranian judge, Haji Rezai, for allegedly having committed “acts incompatible with chastity”:

After looking this document any one can make out that it’s entirely possible this poor girl was a rape victim, further victimized by the misogynistic barbarism of shari’a. But again it’s hard to prove rape in Iran, where, under Sharia law, the age of sexual consent for girls is 9. Time she had sexual relationship she was only 13 years old and guy was 51 years old, a taxi driver married and with kids. 

How these barbarism can execute a 16yrs old girl, supreme court of Appeal documents described her as a 22-year-old, but no one bothered to check her real age, and interestingly her death certificate and birth certificate both shows her age 16. She has medical certificate showing she suffer form mental and psychological problem.

And according to UN Human Rights Convention no country is allowed to execute any body under the age of 18.

Shame on you Iran, who allow execution of little teenage girl.

Another Act of Barbarism !


  1. This is bad.

  2. it is our shariaa law, so you have to respect our beliefs!

  3. It is very bad

  4. Hazim….you are a son of a bitch and i hope you will be hanged from your balls in the hell…and before that you are been fucked by pigs….you piece of shit.Shame on you asshole beeing a beeing a leader and resting in such a high position you are missusing your positions.Din’t you see your daughter in her.YOu pervert….chinal ke pet ke…matharchod..rand ki aulad.teri maki choot.
    marenga behenchod……kide padenge tujhe.

    R D Kid

  5. To Hazim and any other sharia-lovers out there: just because something is written in a holy book does not make it right.

    For example, in the Old Testament it says that it is an abomination to wear mixed fabrics or touch a woman who is having her period. Obviously these rules are silly, so almost no-one who is a Jew or Christian obeys them or expects others too.

    Blinding following a book is a sign of a lack of morality and reason. Simple ideas that underpin western morality are: people and government should aim for the greatest happiness of the greatest number; we are all equal under the law; law and religion should be dealt with separately. There is no ‘cultural’ reason why everyone in the world should not have equal rights and protection from cruel religiously-inspired laws.

    Many sharia-supporters like you argue that ‘it is our culture, so respect it’. That is insane! Slavery used to be part of European and American culture – would you support the argument that those opposed to slavery should have done nothing just because ‘it was part of our culture’? I hope that you wouldn’t. Another example of an immoral ‘cultural’ practice is the common practice in some countries of female genital mutilation – this is always wrong no matter what ‘cultural’ or religious beliefs say about it.

    Allowing old men to have sex with nine year old girls is wrong. Murdering girls who have been sexually abused is wrong. Killing 17 year old boys just because they love each other and other people who love people of the same sex (or a different religion) is also wrong. Respect Allah/God/G-d and remember that He would never expect you to act like a stupid robot obeying evil laws because of ignorance. He would want you to fight for what is good and true.

    Don’t think those of us in favour of human rights want Iranians to give up Islam or want to kill moslems – that’s ridiculous. The vast majority of us will fight long and hard to ensure that everyone has their religion respected. That said, use a bit of common sense – books written hundreds of years ago need to be viewed in context. Times change and our concept of right and wrong develops.

    It would be great if you would read this, consider it and post a more thoughtful reply. Somehow, I doubt that will be forthcoming. I hope you will listen to this less abusive response to your comments than those above. I see why others will be angered by your comments, but it is only by intelligent discussion will we have a chance of living together in peace. Real and virtual warfare doesn’t help anyone.



  6. Death to Iranian revolution. I would pray that US doesnt take long to bring the fire of hell in your country and destroy your government structure, and your cheap looking President Abidinejad. You dont recognize Israel as state fuck you i dont recognize you as humans.

  7. Yes! I am with Reza and Monkey Boy. Read above. Hazim, Allah is NOT with you at all…you are a loser!

  8. Is there any reason to think that Islam does not suck.

    Islam is a crime.

    Islam sucks.

    Islam should be banned, the muslims deported and the mosques DESTROYED.

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  10. I would not be sad at all if the United States or anyone did a precision
    tactical strike on Iran. The Mullahs also must be hunted down for crimes against humanity, for all of the young girls they have killed. They must not get away. They must ALL be put on trial. Each and every one of them. In America, the penalty for a crime against a little girl like this is HANGING!


    Everything about islam is a crime.

    Stoning and torture is what they have planned for us.



  12. Unless Islam stops commiting so many crimes, the rest of the world will be even more angry than they are today.
    Then the evil ones will be punished.
    The human rights record for Islam is barbaric and cruel beyond belief. They also like Adolf Hitler.

  13. Mohammed did suck through a very thin straw. Islam SUCKS!

  14. The murdering muslims have done it again. They kill children as part of their religion. I do not understand why anyone would fall for such a sick religion. Islam is totally sick and perverted. Its seems to be living up to its reputation as the worst religion on earth. Most violent crime can be blamed directly on Islam. This is really true.

  15. Islam was created so that SATAN might have representation here on earth.
    This is why Islam is so cruel and unjust. However don’t worry. It is told that in the final battle of revelations. Islam will be crushed and the false prophet ( Mohammed ) will be thrown into the bottomless pit and burn forever.

    Islam is the religion of SATAN.

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  17. It is really terrible, but people must make difference betweens islam and what wrong muslims do.

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  21. Islam is one of those religions that allows the stronger powers who be to interpret the teachings to suit them selves or the prevailing situation. Women who are the weaker vessels are preyed upon by the cowardly males who use their religion to hide behind.
    Bin Laden makes war on the western world killing thousands of inocent men women and children and yet he won’t show his face.
    Dozens of ‘MEN” stand in a circle and stone a poor defencless 9 year old girl to death while her cowardly rapist stands by and watches.
    Thses are not men of honour. The pigs groveling in the farm yard have more honour than these monsters

  22. wow love this :-*

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