Malegaon Blast: A New Era of Terrorism?

India is shaken with recent bombing in Malegaon (Malegaon, is a Muslim majority town in the Nasik district. It has roughly a population of 700,000 of which nearly sixty percent is Muslim. These Muslims, most of them, had migrated from U.P and Bihar), 37 innocents lost their life and many more injured. Second biggest bombings in Maharashtra state with in three months of time.

Recently our Honorable PM has said that we are facing more threats from terrorist and can expect more attacks. I guess every official were sleeping when PM has made the speech. These latest bombing on Muslims festival, shows that our internal security agencies and polices are not up to task. Whether it’s a work of any outside terrorist organization or internal terrorist organization, for me it seems like they have achieved the objective “Communal Division Completed”.

India is facing more challenges than ever; one of the most serious challenges to internal security and democratic traditions has come from so-called communal disorders, or riots, based on ethnic cleavages. And also we know that there are forces outside India that are only too keen to exploit communal and caste divides in our society and body-politic.

Our internal security policies showing concern; to be blunt we have not done any things or learned from Mumbai blast to tightens our security network and open more communication between internal and external security agencies.

We haven’t done anything which forced terrorists to spend more time worrying about how to defend themselves against death and capture. Our policies and communication gap between securities agencies giving these terrorist an easy ways to plot bomb.

Security agencies is not doing their home work at home to prevent infiltration by terrorists and their weapons; to protect our people and places if infiltration occurs; and to respond and recover if an attack is carried out.

One of the world’s most stable political structures, but always in crisis. Every party will have their own say about these bombings, some will blame Muslims, some will blame Hindu, but no one will be ready to take proper action, due to vote bank.

What we need is clear and concise “Internal security” polices, as has happened in the US after the 9/11 attack and in UK after 7/7 bombing. Place all elements from intelligence gathering, surveillance, cordon and search, counter-terrorism, etc, under one roof.

We must marshal all our resources and all the moral strength of our free system in self-defense against the threat of these terrorist aggressions.

We need action not just words or false promises.

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  1. We need action…
    That’s true but what kind of action? Even our CM or HM can’t answer this question…After Bombay blast our government wake up and ATS (anti terrorist squad) got into action. But does ATS get the freedom to interrogate the case? When ATS investigate in muslic communities in Bombay our beloved mantries objected it (Just to get vote bank of muslim?) and now it is attack on muslim community. What they say now?
    I think till politics interfere in police, it goes on and no body can do nothing…

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