Pope is right on Islam

From India’s Daily Pioneer (“Pope is right on Islam,” by Swapan Dasgupta: very Interesting Article

At the height of the war in Lebanon two months ago, an assortment of Arabs, British Muslims, radical socialists and bleeding heart liberals marched through the streets of London with placards proclaiming “we are all Hezbollah.” Since Pope Benedict XVI delivered his scholarly but contentious lecture in Regensburg last Wednesday, an equally unlikely assortment of individuals bound by a common distaste for Islamist terrorism have been whispering the counter-proclamation:

“We are all Papists now.”

Before rushing to take rival positions in the trench warfare of civilisations, it is prudent to remember that the contemporary Islamist assault on the “decadent” West, epitomised by “American imperialism”, has long enjoyed the backing of influential Muslim theologians. This is, perhaps, the first time that the philosophical gulf between Islam and Western civilisation has been delineated by someone who wields authority in the Christian world.

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  1. Thank you Pope Benedict XVI for continuing to teach the truth. Sadly, what has been missed in all this is the text of his entire speech. One would hardly be able to guess that it was a truly brilliant speech about the state of reason in our world today. The only clue would be the unreasonable reaction to it.

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