Fatwas: A Threat to Secularism?

A fatwa is a legal pronouncement in Islam, done by a law specialist on an issue. Usually a fatwa is issued at the request of an individual or a judge to settle a question where “fiqh,” Islamic jurisprudence, is unclear. A scholar capable of issuing fatwa’s is known as a mujtahid or a mufti. In many Muslim countries, e.g. Egypt,Tunisia, etc. there exists an official Mufti position, to which a distinguished expert in the field of Islamic law is named by the authorities of the country.

In the early days of Islam, fatwa were pronounced by distinguished scholars to provide guidance to other scholars, judges and citizens on how subtle points of Islamic law should be understood, interpreted or applied. There are strict rules on who is eligible to issue a valid fatwa and who cannot, as well as on the conditions the fatwa must satisfy to be valid. (Source Wikipedia)

Despite the clear and conceptual clarity of Fatwa requirements and authority, now days in India Muslims religious leaders are using Fatwa to show and established their supremacy over others Muslims population. Fatwa in India does not or we can say should not be holding any place as India is a secular country. India is secular, with secular laws, and a secular constitution, drawn up on 26 January 1950.

In secular country the Fatwa can’t be legal because this is not legally binding, as the secular laws have official primacy. But unfortunately now days every Muslim religious leaders (Mullahs) are too busy in issuing the fatwa without knowing the exact condition and requirement of issuing fatwa. It’s a grave concern over fatwa’s being issued by some Muslim clerics to settle from matrimonial disputes relating to the community (controversial decision) to Vande Mataram. Few months ago Minister in UP issued bounty and some clerics issue fatwa against Sania Mirza about her clothing. These clerics or mullahs who are issuing this sort of fatwa’s are putting this country strength and our pillars of secularism in more danger.

Its is good news that’s most of Muslims populations ignored recent fatwa about Vande Mataram, but question is why we should allow these Mullahs to create artificial tense situation between communities, why these Mullahs should be allowed to act against the interest of Our Beloved Country?

Almost 60 sixty years of Independence, some of Mullahs haven’t changed their mindset and are still living in 1940, when Jinnah’s prompted the theory that Muslims cant live in India freely and practice their beloved religion Islam openly which led to create Pakistan. People’s who believed in Jinnah’s false theory moved to Pakistan but many opted to stay in India thinking that they will be far better here. Since independence these people who opted to stay back in India has contributed to our countries progress, helped India to become one of the powerful nations in the world and made this country a beautiful garden with billions of flowers in it. So should these Mullahs who just want to keep their supremacy be allowed to issue any Fatwa and destroy our core pillars of secularism, make this beautiful garden hell, divide this country on basis of false and political propagandas?

We have to set bottom line and rules for these sort of things, we cant afford to put our beloved country into miserable state when world is closely watching our progress and taking lessons, how to live in multi religious society.

This is a secular country; we should not allow this sort of rules or legal bindings whether it’s been issued by Hindus, Muslims or other communities which can put our country identity into danger.


  1. It is so refreshing to read a secular blog/post once in a while. I really agree with your viewpoints 😀 Keep it up and keep posting!

  2. I entirely agree with the author.No one should be allowed to damage the secular fabric of our country.Too many fatwas given on trivial issues will only diminish the value of fatwas.Also people of all faiths should not see everything through the prism of religion

  3. fatwa is all about madness and nothing else.It is because of fear

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