Reid speech disrupted by hecklers

Home Secretary John Reid has been heckled during a speech about targeting potential Muslim extremists.

He was interrupted by activist Abu Izzadeen, a Muslim, who said he was “furious” about “state terrorism by British police”.

So what Muslims want from UK? Become Islamic Nation? Government is trying hard to convince these people that we are not against religion but against extremism, but they are not listening. They don’t want to understand the common values and culture of Britain. If this sort of mentality will prevail in our Muslims community, I can’t see how we will be able to integrate with these people who openly criticizing this country policy and giving threats openly.

When asked why he heckled, Abu Izzadeen said he did not dare discuss things with someone who was “attacking Muslims”. He said he was “surprised to hear a non Muslim telling Muslims how to bring up their children”.  

So what should government do, when government arrest young Muslims for planning attacks against our own country, then parents says they have no idea how their innocent kids become extremist. Bloody Dual Standard…


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Reid speech disrupted by hecklers

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