Muslims in UK demand capital punishment for Pope

Even the Pope has now apologised for the statement, which was not his views anyway but for something somebody else said 700 years ago. I guess these radicals will never understand the meaning of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of expression. It’s perfectly clear from reading all of His Holiness’ speech that He doesn’t agree with the Byzantine Emperor’s remark – he describes it as of “startling brusqueness”! However, the media have ignored this and the overall message of the speech, which is about faith and reason, and by very stupid and selective reporting stirred up a whole raft of unnecessary violence and anger.

A day after Pope Benedict XVI apologised over his remarks against Islam, a Muslim leader in the United Kingdom has stated that the Pope should ‘face execution’ for his comments. “Those who insulted Islam should be subject to capital punishment,” Anjem Choudary told demonstrators who were protesting outside Westminster Cathedral in London on Monday.He said, “Muslims take their religion very seriously and non-Muslims must appreciate their religious sentiments, and must also understand that there may be serious consequences if you insult Islam and the Prophet.”
Demonstrators held placards saying: ‘Pope, Go to Hell, Trinity of Evil: Western Crusade against Islam.’


  1. I agree that the press loves to fan the flames, but the over-reaction to everything from these folks speaks for itself. They will accept nothing less of total world conversion. Well, excuse my French, but I’ll be damned if I’ll ever wear a burkah. Religion of peace? Peace of what? Where? When? Where is the proof of that?

    If the moderates if there truly is such a thing, don’t grow a spine and stand up to these thugs, we’re in for a helluva fight. I hope people realize that.

  2. Thanks for your comments, I did left comment on your blog..with link of one offical website of Oman. I am totally agreed wiht your points…:)

  3. They are very bold. Say thing like that in a Western country and can get out with it. Threatening, preaching hatred, declare war on Christians @ West and you people does’t care about it or do anything. Hey, teach them a lesson! Otherwise in near future you people will suffer and its too late to react.

  4. hi,
    why not protect your religion by not falling into the words of the pope. muslims have now given the pope the last word by acting in a mannor that proves his speach right, muslims have totally acted the wrong way and should have provoked minds by not shouting abuse back by changed the war on words by being percived as peaceful. the world would not have expected it if muslims around the world were wearing flowers in there hair an holding candles.

    people respond to heart to heart pictures and remember violent word such as burn in hell pope.

    muslims need to revamp themselves from the image they portray.

    the pope also said things about buhdda but the monks did not shout hatred back and people respect them as a loving mass.

    funny huh?

  5. very well said mate….nice to know some you think the same way I do….bless you

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