Promises More Promises and then More Betrayal

On 16th of September Indo-Pak issued a joint deceleration at NAM submit in Cuba in which India and Pakistan agreed to set up a joint anti-terrorism institutional mechanism to identify and implement counter-terrorism initiatives and investigations, and decided to resume the stalled Foreign Secretary-level composite dialogue at the earliest. Main Points of joint deceleration:

  • Decide to work for a peaceful settlement of all issues, including
  • Foreign Secy-level talks to be held shortly.
  • Joint survey of Sir Creek to begin in November.

Today Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s while addressing to the conclave of Congress chief ministers has again warns us of more Fidayeen attacks on our economical and religious places by saying….
“The activity of externally-sponsored terrorist outfits is equally worrisome. Their involvement has grown. “The concern is that there could be a further intensification involving greater use of Fidayeen elements and targeting of a wider range of religions, economic and sensitive objects,”

Then my question is: What is the point of this statement in join deceleration? “They decided to put in place an India-Pakistan anti-terrorism institutional mechanism to identify and implement counter-terrorism initiatives and investigations,”

And what is the point of declaring joint statement as whole when we already know that Pakistan is still sponsoring terrorism, supporting the elements who are acting
India interest. Two totally different and extreme statements in span of 1 week time make our citizen more anxious of our diplomacy and joint statement look more suspicious. If we looked our history and make assessment about Pakistan commitment and promises she has made since its creation, we will find out every time India believed in her statements and started more steps to normalize relation, we get more terrorist attacks and our innocents dies. Every one knows that Pakistan patently doesn’t condemn all acts of terrorism. After her military defeat in 1965, she set her intelligence agency, the ISI, to train Indian and Kashmiri Muslims in terrorist camps, with financial and technical support from Arab countries, notably Libya and Saudi Arabia.

I don’t believe in Pakistan commitment towards peace, but I do believe in our honorable PM: The reason for me not believing in joint statement are pointed out below and I am sure many other fellow citizen will have same reason or question about joint deceleration. It’s hard for me to believe in joint statement, but it’s far easy for me to believe today statement by Honorable PM that expects more attacks. Reason for this

  • After 58 years,
    Pakistan still does not have a functioning Constitution.
  • Transfer of power has not been democratic with a military coup or a palace coup being the preferred mode of transfer of power!
  • By virtue of its political role,
    Pakistan‘s military has created a problem for itself and its people. People object to its political role but not its traditional role as defending and providing security to the country.
  • Pakistan clearly said that he does support terrorist organization, not financially but politically.
  • Pakistan don’t recognize or will never recognize LOC

Recent Betrayal: True face of Pakistan

As soon as government started more buses and start welcoming more Pakistani citizen to normalize the relation and move towards the peace, India has been hit by more terror attacks. The Varanasi, Mumbai and Malegaon blasts are not a surprise because Pakistan has its resources in the form of anti- social elements living on Indian soil, enjoying the freedom it has to offer, but at the same time with loyalty to Pakistan, based on the misguided notion that religion comes before patriotism. Sad part is our government is not doing much to find the culprits and put enough pressure on Pakistan to stop proxy war against our country. This bombing shows us that our intelligence agencies are not up to task, which giving Pakistan based terrorist organization a free hand to spread violence and hatred in India. And unfortunately all these bombings happened after nearly 4-5 joints statements issued between September 2004 and January 2006, Where Pakistan clearly and eagerly showed its commitments and determination to implement the joint statements of January 6 and September 24, 2004, and April 18 and September 14 of 2005. So this new joint statement with Pakistan makes me believe that joint statement is nothing but a new false promise made by our neighbors. I guess time is clicking and its clicking fast for our government to realize the main question “How far can India be pushed?”

  • How long will we bear this irritation and proxy war towards our own country and innocents citizen?
  • How many of our fellow citizens will have to die?
  • When will our patience snap? What does will trigger an Indian response?
  • Is diplomacy working? How long before we realize that diplomacy hasn’t delivered? At least till now it hasn’t delivered.
  • Can we really ever have peace with the Pakistan?

Instead of believing or depending on Pakistan that she will act on terrorism and elements working against India on Pakistan soil, our government should take realistic view of terrorism problems and take rational approach to curb it. We can’t claim all Muslims in India are terrorists, I do agree some of them support silently or indirectly or they will become potential sympathizers of terrorists, but most of Muslims population in India true and honest towards India no question about it, but same time we should learn from America, Israel and England about, what policy and system they have to protect their citizens and teach a lesson to Terrorists.We ourselves can only solve this problem! Unfortunately No One Else! And especially not our so called peace lover neighbors!

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