Anjem Choudary explains why Britain should have sharia law,Vedio Via YouTube….

Anjem Choudary explains why Britain should have sharia law, video Via YouTube….Listen to this extremist…why the hell they want Sharia Law all over world, and best part is by demanding Sharia law which will never go with democracy, he is saying that by demanding this is not extremism but our right…My ..A…..and Britain and all west would be better under Sharia…well Mr.Choudary..I can give you list of countries who run under sharia law and they are the worst nations described by UN…By Human rights….so saying Britain would be better by having sharia law….you just showing extremist view ……..


  1. Oh, good. More Sharia. That’s just what everyone needs.

  2. “The whole world under Islam”…well, at least he’s honest.

    The future of Europe is Muslim unless they wake up over there.

  3. @Tom

    You right mate at least he is frank and straight, not like our leaders so only know how to talk diplomatically so that they can pocket some votes in next election.

  4. not only is the futur muslim or islamic so was the past. the greatest dynsatys of all time to rule europe have been the muslims. under their rule euroupe came out of the dark ages and into posperity and into the light. the renesance was started by an islamic scolar

  5. The Renaisance may have been started by an Islamic Scholar, but it was developed by people that I assure you are 100% non-muslim such as Da-Vinci and Galileo. And I probably correctly assume that your Islamic Scholar saw the flaws of Sharia Law. If the future of the world is Muslim Domination, then our future is one of no hands, bruised bodies, whipped backs and no females. Climate Change and Weapons of Mass Destruction won’t set off an Apocalypse, it will be Sharia Law.

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