Christian graves must face Mecca

The council cemetery where Christians are given Muslim graves

A new cemetery is to have all its graves aligned with Mecca – making it the first council graveyard in the country to bury the dead in Islamic tradition, regardless of their religion.


Headstones in the new £2.5million High Wood Cemetery in Nottingham will face north-east – as Muslims believe the dead look over their shoulder towards Mecca. This is the way in which all followers of Islam in the UK are buried.  But the move has upset the Church and led to complaints that the policy discriminates against the city’s majority Christian population. The traditional direction of burial for Christians is facing east.

The Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham, the Rt Rev George Cassidy, criticised the decision. He said: “This is a sensitive issue to all people. I hope the situation will be reviewed with wide consultation and a policy introduced that takes account of the needs of all.”

I understand that Muslims wants their graves to be face towards Mecca, but Christian graves must also face towards Mecca? I dont understand this bit……Opps sorry I forgot council can’t upset You know…..whome…..


  1. […] It is Obivious, you cant do favour for one religion when we call ourself multifaith society….As I mentioned in my earlier post Christian graves must face Mecca… […]

  2. How ignorant is it to think for a moment that the direction your body faces AFTER your soul has left it is somehow relevant enough in the physical world YOU JUST LEFT to make any difference whatsoever? Isn’t there some more worthy matter that needs attention?

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