Christians Upset at UK’s First Islamic Cemetary

Christian leaders have criticised the decision to build a new cemetery that will align its graves with Mecca – making it the first council graveyard in the country to bury the dead in Islamic tradition, regardless of their religion. Read Full Article….

It is Obivious, you cant do favour for one religion when we call ourself multifaith society….As I mentioned in my earlier post Christian graves must face Mecca

I understand that Muslims wants their graves to be face towards Mecca, but Christian graves must also face towards Mecca? I dont understand this bit……Opps sorry I forgot council can’t upset You know…..whom…..


  1. Why not just get buried at a different cemetary then?

  2. thanks for commenting, but question is why we should have every cemetary according to Muslims Religion.?

  3. Come on. Your country is sick. Everything is sick when you sacrified everything in the name of minority tolerance and freedom! We Christians in the Muslim world are treated like a 2 class citizen. No freedom, no free speech. Even owning a holy bible (al-Kitab) is consider a crime. Hanging a cross any where is deem offensive.

  4. denoting inferior status (2) Shaastra 1. very high on herb 2. mulatto color (1)

  5. The real question is, why don’t racists nowadays just wear masks like the KKK? Why do they make up these false stories to stir up all the other racists? It turned out this story was completely false. But I see it’s still up. Heil hitler?

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