Muslim Council Of Britain Chief – Bari – Issues Ominous Terror Threat

September 25, 2006 – San Francisco, CA – – The head of the Muslim Council of Britain – Adul Bari – is making the threat that 2 million terrorists in the UK could attack it in the wake of the arrest of 24 British Muslims implicated in a plot involving a conspiracy to blow up 10 airliners enroute to the United States. Mounting a public relations offensive, Bari is portraying Muslims as the victims of discrimination and blaming the police for causing terrorism. Feeling emboldened by the UK’s inability and unwillingness to crack down on radical Islamic activity, Britain’s largest Muslim organization, is beginning to sound like Al Muhajiroun, the group which praised the 9/11 hijackers as “the magnificent 19” and whose leader Omar Bakri Mohammed, fled to Lebanon last year in aftermath of the London bombings which involved adherents of his group. Britain’s Telegraph Uk documented Bari’s threat on September 9.

“Some police officers and sections of the media are demonising Muslims, treating them as if they are all terrorists, and that encourages other people to do the same. If that demonisation continues, then Britain will have to deal with two million Muslim terrorists, 700,000 of them in London. “If you attack a whole community, it becomes despondent and aggressive,” he added.

Abdul Bari’s overt threat, as head of one of the leading UK Muslim organizations is not the first time that his group has threatened violence. After the arrest of two Muslim brothers suspected of a chemical terror plot , he told the media that Muslims were very angry and could become violent, warning:

“Trust could break down if things are not clarified, said Abdul Bari the secretary general of Britain’s largest Muslim organization. “Angry people can do anything ,angry people can even feel they should take the law into their own hands…” Read Full Article

We Need Proper Debate! 

I still didn’t understand why few people are so blinded that they believe, what ever is happening is a fault of government and its foreign policy. I believe in democracy and we are very fortunate that we are living in one of most democratic state in world. Democracy gives a right to every one to express their feelings and anger, raise their voice. Democracy give every one chance to elect and form a government and their representative, whom they think will and can work towards the betterment of society and help them to feel secure. 

But the main point in democracy is how majority treats minority, how powerfully people treats power less people. So far I know UK does treat monitory very well, we had given every right to them, they are first class citizen of this country ( we don’t treat them as a second class citizen). If we look to some countries (especially Islamic countries) and see how people get treated in their democracy specially minorities I am sure people will be shocked to know about it. Most of British Muslim are saying that they are not happy with the policies of government, ok fair enough but you don’t bomb the whole country because you not happy with few elected members of parliaments and their decision. Did Christians or any other religion other than Muslim bomb the places because of their own country policies? (By the way I am not Christian and got no plan to convert in to Christianity) 

At this point what we need is proper debate about this issue, government should do bit more to help these young Muslims to understand how our policies works. We should bring some really intellectual and scholars who understand a lot more about Holy Quran ( not the one who comes in Sharia TV, they bloody don’t agree with each other statements) to tell these people, what Quran says, and help the government to let these people know about UK governments policies and issues. They must understand it is not possible for any government in the world to make happy every one happy at same time. Because it’s democratic government so they go according to simple rule, majority wins.  

Muslims leaders should come forward and give proper statements and assure these young and vulnerable people, that government and normal public of this country is with them, they are not isolated and neglected. We need proper Muslims scholars (not moderate or extremists Muslims) to do this job. To make this country, more safe and secure.


  1. I use to see this fucking guy being interview by BBC and CNN. Giving him apportunity to do he usual thing; American bashing, Bush bashing, British bashing, Blair bashing. At the same time, he say, the Iraqi insurgent are freedom fighter even doer the killed fellow Iraqi, the terrorist is a freedom fighter even doer they boob innocent, Muslim and non-Muslim alike. Anybody listening? You western media suck!

  2. from “don’t care”; careless, sloppy, lacking ambition, Zalecenia adj. spirited, vigorous, lively, passionate with great

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