Pope meets with Muslim diplomats

 CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy – Pope Benedict XVI told Muslim diplomats Monday that “our future” depends on dialogue between Christians and Muslims.The pontiff quoted from his predecessor, John Paul II, who had close relations with the Muslim world, when he described the need for “reciprocity in all fields,” including religious freedom. Benedict spoke in French to a roomful of diplomats from 21 countries and the Arab League in his summer residence in Castel Gandolfo in the Alban Hills near Rome.

After his five-minute speech in a salon in the papal palace, Benedict greeted each envoy individually, clasping their hands warmly and chatting for a few moments with every one. “The circumstances which have given risen to our gathering are well known,” Benedict said, referring to his remarks on Islam in a Sept. 12 speech at Regensburg, Germany. He did not address those remarks at length. Read Full Article……

Big question, will world understand term called religious freedom? Will Pope make these diplomats understand that his earleir remark about Islam was from one context which was said by some one nearly 700 years ago and thats rmark is not his personal view…..well only time will tell….. 

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