The reality of Islam and the Republic

A standard riff is developing among the rightwing commentariat in the US when discussing Europe’s 15m Muslims: they are the potential enemy.

Largely marginalised in low-growth economies, culturally adrift in secular, permissive societies, cut off from their families’ roots in North Africa, many of these Muslims are poor, angry, disorientated and prey to radicalisation by al-Qaeda extremists. The “intifada” launched by rioting Muslim youths in France’s suburbs last November and the murderous bombing campaign conducted by “home-grown” terrorists in London last July are just a foretaste of things to come.

Moreover, the argument goes, Europe’s political leaders are held hostage by their Muslim vote, ensuring that they are “soft” on terrorism and antagonistic towards Israel and the US. A process of “reverse colonisation” is occurring as Muslim immigrants breed faster than the indigenous populations, threatening to turn Europe into Eurabia. France, home to about one-third of Europe’s Muslims and the “arch-appeaser” President Jacques Chirac, is singled out for particular scorn. Read Full Article….Very interesting and Informative

Only time will tell, how much Islam become compatible with Republican and Democratic Values….

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