Kashmir city erupts in protest over death penalty

Since when he become innocent? He attacked Indian Parliament with other 5 terrorist on Dec.13 2001. By attacking countries entity and taking part in killings of innocents makes you traitors, and traitors should be hanged.

SRINAGAR – Police fired teargas shells in Indian Kashmir on Wednesday to quell violent protests over the planned execution of a Kashmiri man for his role in a 2001 militant attack on India’s parliament. Hundreds of Kashmiri men took to the streets of Srinagar, the region’s main city, hurling stones at police and vehicles, burning tyres and blocking roads, a day after a New Delhi court set Oct. 20 as the date to hang Mohammed Afzal. “Afzal is innocent … we want freedom,” the protesters shouted.Afzal had been sentenced to death for his role in the conspiracy to attack the parliament complex and the conviction was upheld by the Supreme Court last year.However, he can appeal to the Indian president for clemency and lawyers fighting for prisoners’ rights said they would decide on filing a plea after consulting Afzal. Five gunmen stormed the heavily guarded parliament complex on Dec. 13, 2001 but were killed by security forces before they could enter the building housing the chambers.


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  4. Ok.Let me assume that you have an “Independent Jammu and Kashmir”.Naturally u wud have a parliament as well.Rightnow, I donot see Jammuians very much inclined to ask for independence along with Kashmiris either through guns or peaceful protests.
    So in this newly independent J&K,jamuians ask for independence.When denied ..they take up arms.One such jammuian attacks this centre of honour of kashmir-“The Kashmiri Parliament”.He is held and pronounced guilty by the Supreme Court of Kashmir.What do u think the Suprmeme Court of Kashmir punish him with??And wat wud be the reaction of kashmiris on this verdict against a man who has been hold guilty of sabotage at Kashmiri parliament?

  5. As they say” One man’s meat is another man’s poision.” God alone knows when all this will permanantly stop

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  7. Hi Hiren,

    very well said only god knows when this hatred will be finish and people start living with peace and harmony.

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