Taliban open office in Miranshah Pakistan

Has Pakistan gone crazy? On one side Pakistan President promoting his book bygiving controversial statements and declaring Pakistan is not a terrorist state and it has never supported terrorist organisation, then how come Taliban’s has opened his first office in Pakistan….What A Lie…..

ISLAMABAD: Tribal vigilantes have set up an office in the main town in North Waziristan, the Pakistani region where the government signed a pact earlier this month with elders from the tribes to curb Taliban and al Qaeda activity.Two days ago, according to residents, vigilantes, who refer to themselves as mujahideen, or Muslim holy warriors, in leaflets posted around Miranshah, opened an office guarded by armed men in the town’s central market. The leaflet said clerics would be collecting funds to pay for a force aimed at protecting people from criminals. Reuters rang the telephone number on the leaflet, and was told by Maulvi Nizamuddin Borakhel: “We opened the office to take action against masked men who are criminals.” Developments in North Waziristan are being closely monitored by the United States, Afghanistan and NATO members, Britain, Canada and the Netherlands, whose troops have run into fierce Taliban resistance in southern Afghanistan.

Pope urges religious tolerance, openness to others

Is any one listening? Muslim world should forgive and forget the whole unpleasant episode and they must demonstrate by their behaviour that their faith really teach and practice Peace !

VATICAN CITY – Still under a cloud for recent remarks about Islam, Pope Benedict called on Thursday for tolerance of other religions and cultures and said a rebirth of faith could help foster this openness in western countries.

The German Pontiff told Berlin’s new ambassador to the Vatican that the Roman Catholic Church would never force anyone to accept the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Muslim leaders worldwide have criticised Benedict for a speech two weeks ago hinting that Islam had been spread by the sword and brought only evil to the world. The Pope has expressed regret at the uproar four times but has not withdrawn his words.“Tolerance and cultural openness must characterise meetings with other people,” he told Ambassador Hans-Henning Horstmann, who was presenting his credentials at the papal summer residence at Castelgandolfo, south of Rome.”The Church does not impose itself, because the faith in Jesus Christ that it proclaims can only occur in freedom.”Quoting a sermon he gave during his recent trip to Bavaria, Benedict said the world needed a tolerance “that includes reverence for God, a reverence for what is sacred to others.”

In The Line Of Fire: President Musharraf

Best way to do Marketing of your own personal biography is to appear as many shows on television and give as many as controversial statements with no proof.

In The Line Of Fire: President Musharraf

Best way to do Marketing of your own personal biography is to appear as many shows on television and give as many as controversial statements wiht no proof.

We won’t bow to extremist bullies, vows Reid

Warning: John Reid has said there will be “no compromise with terrorism”. Very Well Said Mr. Reid I am with you.

Home Secretary John Reid today vowed there will be no “no-go areas” in Britain in the efforts to tackle extremism head-on.

A week after his efforts to connect with British Muslims were hijacked by radical hecklers in East London he said he would not be “brow-beaten” by extremist “bullies”.

His visit to Waltham Forest was his first, but would not be his last, as he insisted there would be “no compromise with terrorism”.

And with continued speculation about his possible intentions to stand against Gordon Brown to become the next party leader, he told delegates he would play his “full part” in any future Labour victory, adding: “When one of us succeeds, the others don’t fail. We share in that success.”

His wish list for the party was very short – a fourth term of a Labour government.

Pakistan denies helping terrorists

Some one has rightly said ” Never Trust Military Ruler”. Pakistan is helping terrorist and its a factnot every can be wrong. Even CIA -FBI has captured the pictures via satellite of terrorist training camp running in Pakistan soil. Its a well known fact ISI has supported taliban’s and when Taliban’s were in Afghanistan and that time Pakistan was the only country recognizing the Taliban’s governement of Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s powerful secret service is aiding terrorist groups through its support for shadowy religious organisations, according to a report prepared for the Ministry of Defence.

The report, prepared by MoD think-tank the Defence Academy and obtained by the BBC’s Newsnight programme, states that the country’s intelligence service, known as the ISI, is supporting terrorism by secretly backing a coalition of religious parties.

The British policy of supporting general Pervez Musharraf, the Pakistani president, because he provides stability is flawed because Pakistan is “on the edge of chaos”, the document claimed.

Global terrorists, from the perpetrators of the London bombings to insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan have indirectly benefited from Pakistani support, according to the report.

Fox News Vs Bill Clinton

Kung Fu Knockout, Fox New Journalist is on all over the floor cant even breath or stand up for another question. At least Mr.Clinton showed him that don’t ever try to Mess with Me…..Oh baby Fox You had choosen totally wrong head this time……Watch The Interview of Ex.US President Mr.Bill Clinton… For interview script please go here