Madaris could not be closed on Karzai`s demand: Musharraf

Well Mr.Musharraf if Madaris (Religious School) is not involved in spreading the hatred towards other religion, then why most of terrorist after visiting Pakistan Madaris become radicals, and start preaching hatred towards other religion and questioning Democratic values? If Mr.Karzai is saying that close the Madaris means for sure he knows that most of Madaris teach hatred and create more Taliban’s. You cant close Madaris on Karzai demand you cant close terrorist camp running on your soil on India demand, but you still say that you doing your bit in War Against Terrorism…quite funny….

NEW YORK: President General Pervez Musharraf has said that in his meeting with president George W Bush and Afghan counterpart Hamid Karzai, he will present the ’realities’ about Taliban.

“As far as Afghan president’s demand of closing Madiris within Pakistan is concerned, it is totally rubbish. We will not close Madaris on his (Karzai) demands. The religious seminaries are not involved in terrorist activities,” he observed this while addressing a press conference at Roosevelt hotel here Wednesday.  The afghan president’s accusations against Madaris are baseless. He should speak openly. How could we shut down 10,000 Madaris. The Madaris are absolutely not involved in terrorism.


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