Pakistan denies helping terrorists

Some one has rightly said ” Never Trust Military Ruler”. Pakistan is helping terrorist and its a factnot every can be wrong. Even CIA -FBI has captured the pictures via satellite of terrorist training camp running in Pakistan soil. Its a well known fact ISI has supported taliban’s and when Taliban’s were in Afghanistan and that time Pakistan was the only country recognizing the Taliban’s governement of Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s powerful secret service is aiding terrorist groups through its support for shadowy religious organisations, according to a report prepared for the Ministry of Defence.

The report, prepared by MoD think-tank the Defence Academy and obtained by the BBC’s Newsnight programme, states that the country’s intelligence service, known as the ISI, is supporting terrorism by secretly backing a coalition of religious parties.

The British policy of supporting general Pervez Musharraf, the Pakistani president, because he provides stability is flawed because Pakistan is “on the edge of chaos”, the document claimed.

Global terrorists, from the perpetrators of the London bombings to insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan have indirectly benefited from Pakistani support, according to the report.


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