Pope urges religious tolerance, openness to others

Is any one listening? Muslim world should forgive and forget the whole unpleasant episode and they must demonstrate by their behaviour that their faith really teach and practice Peace !

VATICAN CITY – Still under a cloud for recent remarks about Islam, Pope Benedict called on Thursday for tolerance of other religions and cultures and said a rebirth of faith could help foster this openness in western countries.

The German Pontiff told Berlin’s new ambassador to the Vatican that the Roman Catholic Church would never force anyone to accept the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Muslim leaders worldwide have criticised Benedict for a speech two weeks ago hinting that Islam had been spread by the sword and brought only evil to the world. The Pope has expressed regret at the uproar four times but has not withdrawn his words.“Tolerance and cultural openness must characterise meetings with other people,” he told Ambassador Hans-Henning Horstmann, who was presenting his credentials at the papal summer residence at Castelgandolfo, south of Rome.”The Church does not impose itself, because the faith in Jesus Christ that it proclaims can only occur in freedom.”Quoting a sermon he gave during his recent trip to Bavaria, Benedict said the world needed a tolerance “that includes reverence for God, a reverence for what is sacred to others.”


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