Taliban open office in Miranshah Pakistan

Has Pakistan gone crazy? On one side Pakistan President promoting his book bygiving controversial statements and declaring Pakistan is not a terrorist state and it has never supported terrorist organisation, then how come Taliban’s has opened his first office in Pakistan….What A Lie…..

ISLAMABAD: Tribal vigilantes have set up an office in the main town in North Waziristan, the Pakistani region where the government signed a pact earlier this month with elders from the tribes to curb Taliban and al Qaeda activity.Two days ago, according to residents, vigilantes, who refer to themselves as mujahideen, or Muslim holy warriors, in leaflets posted around Miranshah, opened an office guarded by armed men in the town’s central market. The leaflet said clerics would be collecting funds to pay for a force aimed at protecting people from criminals. Reuters rang the telephone number on the leaflet, and was told by Maulvi Nizamuddin Borakhel: “We opened the office to take action against masked men who are criminals.” Developments in North Waziristan are being closely monitored by the United States, Afghanistan and NATO members, Britain, Canada and the Netherlands, whose troops have run into fierce Taliban resistance in southern Afghanistan.


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