Turkish PM repeats criticism of Pope’s Islam remarks

Even Now that the Vatican has genuinely apologised and is seeking to build bridges with Islam, Some hardcore Muslims leaders are just trying to ignore Vatican clarification Pope apology. Instead of creating and bridging the gap, they are busy in creating tension and hatred among each other. Muslim world should forgive and forget the whole unpleasant episode and they must demonstrate by their behaviour that their faith really teach and practice Peace !

ISTANBUL – Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan repeated on Wednesday his criticism of comments made by Pope Benedict about Islam that sparked Muslim protests and said even a politician would not have spoken in such a way. Benedict, who is due to visit mainly Muslim but secular Turkey in November, has said he regretted hurting Muslims’ feelings in a speech earlier this month which used a medieval quotation linking the spread of the Islamic faith to violence.Erdogan, a pious Muslim who served a short jail sentence once for reciting a poem deemed Islamist by Turkey’s secular authorities, said everybody, especially public figures such as the Pope, should show respect for other religions and cultures.“The Pope is both a political and religious figure. But this person spoke in a way that is unfitting even for us politicians,” Erdogan told an economic conference in Istanbul.“When disrespect was shown for my Prophet (Mohammad) we could not tolerate this.” Erdogan described the comments at the time as “ugly and unfortunate” and called for a papal apology.


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