We won’t bow to extremist bullies, vows Reid

Warning: John Reid has said there will be “no compromise with terrorism”. Very Well Said Mr. Reid I am with you.

Home Secretary John Reid today vowed there will be no “no-go areas” in Britain in the efforts to tackle extremism head-on.

A week after his efforts to connect with British Muslims were hijacked by radical hecklers in East London he said he would not be “brow-beaten” by extremist “bullies”.

His visit to Waltham Forest was his first, but would not be his last, as he insisted there would be “no compromise with terrorism”.

And with continued speculation about his possible intentions to stand against Gordon Brown to become the next party leader, he told delegates he would play his “full part” in any future Labour victory, adding: “When one of us succeeds, the others don’t fail. We share in that success.”

His wish list for the party was very short – a fourth term of a Labour government.


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