More trouble for Mr.Musharraf

How Pakistan government can hang Mr.Hussain when his murder conviction has already been quashed. Second when Lahore High Court already freed him and declared him non guilty earlier, how come Sharia Court found him guilty of the crimes he never committed?  And the last thing I want to know did Mr.Hussain received fair trial under  Sharia Court , I doubt it……

Double Oxford protest greets President Musharraf

The brother of a British man facing execution in Pakistan in two days time said that he was hopeful of a reprieve after making a last-ditch appeal to President Pervez Musharraf.

Although General Musharraf declined to speak to the family of Mirza Tahir Hussain as they demonstrated outside the Oxford venue where he made a speech today, the condemned man’s supporters said they were optimistic that he would be spared the death penalty.

Mr Hussain’s brother Amjad said that as his entourage drove away General Musharraf had smiled at him and given him a thumbs-up gesture.

“He knows who I am and he looked at me and gave me the thumbs-up. I’m optimistic. He is aware of this case and it’s about time he put pen to paper and set my brother free,” said Mr Hussain.

Amnesty International demonstrators said that one of the General’s entourage had responded to the shouted questions by saying that Mr Hussain’s case was being looked into “sympathetically”.

The protest coincided with a report out this morning claiming that the Pakistani authorities have detained hundreds of alleged terror suspects and handed them over to the US authorities in return for lucrative rewards.

Amnesty says that the US practice of offering bounties running to thousands of dollars has led to the illegal detention of innocent people, including women and children.

General Musharraf spoke for an hour at the Oxford Union on Pakistan’s rejuvenated economy and its free media but he refused to take questions from reporters in the post-speech question and answer session on either the report or on Mr Hussain.

Leeds-born Mr Hussain, a former Territorial Army soldier, is due to die at dawn in Pakistan on his 36th birthday – October 1, despite having his murder conviction quashed.

He was accused of killing a taxi driver who he claimed tried to sexually assault him at gunpoint in 1988, acquitted by the Lahore High Court, and then convicted again by Pakistan’s Federal Sharia Court.

Al Qaeda’s ‘want ad’ seeks nuke scientists

Are you Nuke Scientist, out of work? Than you are eligible to apply for job as long as you have some terrorist back ground. LOL

BAGHDAD — Al Qaeda in Iraq’s leader, in a chilling audiotape released yesterday, called for nuclear scientists to join his group’s holy war and urged insurgents to kidnap Westerners so they could be traded for a blind Egyptian sheik who is serving a life sentence in a U.S. prison. The fugitive terror chief said experts in the fields of “chemistry, physics, electronics, media and all other sciences — especially nuclear scientists and explosives experts” should join his group’s jihad, or holy war, against the West.

Pakistan creates sanctuary for al Qaeda in North Video Via YouTube

We Do Not Support Terrorist Organisation..Pakistan President Mr.Musharraf..statement is just.. Pot Of Lies..This sort of agreement which says that as long as taliban’s militant behave peacefully they will not be captured and Pakistan Military wont go to catch them…means Pakistan giving free hand and heaven for Al Qaeda to operate and live without worrying of attacks and get captured…what a wonderful gift to Taliban’s and Al Qaeda terrorist from Pakistan…Pakistan does support terrorist its a fact and truth…

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Indian Cultural Centre in Dhaka attacked

DHAKA: The Indian Cultural Centre here on Wednesday was attacked by a group of people. They forced their way into the building, beat up the guards and other officials and destroyed furniture and other articles.

The High Commission has filed a case with police.

The cultural centre had been functioning in the building since Bangladesh independence.

Police said a group of “miscreants” attacked the centre.

Musharraf sparks off outrage in Canada

It seems Canada value Human Life more than the Pakistanis……

WASHINGTON: Add the normally composed Canadians to the list of nationals angered by Musharraf, the motormouth.

Pakistan’s military ruler has sparked off outrage in Canada this week by asking Canadians to stop whining about losing a few soldiers in NATO operations in Afghanistan, and saying Pakistan had suffered far greater losses in the war on terrorism.

“We have suffered 500 casualties, Canadians may have suffered four or five,” Musharraf said in an interview to CBC-TV aired on Tuesday.

“You suffer two dead, and there’s a cry and shout all around the base that there are coffins. Well, we’ve had 500 coffins.”

What has incensed Canadians, aside the fact that their soldiers are dying at the hands of Pakistan-backed Taliban, is Musharraf’s casual bandying of numbers.

“In The Line Of Fire” A Memoir

Pakistan is again on front pages of all major tabloids and television all over world, not because of any terrorist link or Taliban’s but because of his own President revelation of some secret to sell his books and make some good money as he realize that his ‘political demise’ is near. Mr.Parvez Musharraf a hardcore military personal seized the power through military coup by throwing out democratic elected government of Mr.Nawaz Sharif and declaring himself as a President of Pakistan by amending all the constitutional laws in October 1999.





President Parvez Musharraf, whose book “In The Line Of Fire” A controversial memoir released on Monday with big fan fare and launching party has putted Mr.Musharraf himself in the line of fire with his own friends and allies.  It’s quite unusual and controversial that leader of his capacity releasing his memoir of political and military life while still in power. Memoirs are written out of office……. Name any country whose leader actually wrote memoirs in office?

A person holding such a high office giving his political account and that also selective account can be proved very indiscreet given the very sensitive nature of position in world. As president of Pakistan state he shouldn’t have written this memoir at least while he is still power, as he got loads of other option (Media, Diplomatic Channels) to convey his message and spread his word all over world and concerned people if he really care about his own country. By releasing memoir and sending out many controversial and selective statements he has showed and proved that you can’t trust any military regime.

By looking his first statement why I had written this book, convinced me how irresponsible undiplomatic leader he is, who needs a book to tell the truth. Why cant he choose diplomatic or media channels to convey the world that what ever he is saying is truth? Look at this line “I decided to write my autobiography after Pakistan took centre stage in the world’s conflicts, including the war on terror. There has been intense curiosity about me and the country I lead. I want the world to learn the truth.”

So President you need a book to tell the truth, does Mr. Bush ever cared to let the world know the truth by book till now? Mr. Clinton wrote his memoir after he stepped down as president of US, Nelson Mandela written book when he was released from prison. By writing your memoir you had created big problem for your own country foreign policy and put yourself and your country in more difficult situation. By now the famous quote   that Richard Armitage has, warned Lieutenant-General Mehmood Ahmad, the director-general of the Inter-Services Intelligence, that if Pakistan chose the terrorists’ side “then we should be prepared to be bombed back to the Stone Age” In the wake of 9/11 has already received denial from many corners of US” has already created many strain in Pak-US relations.

Mr. Armitage has already denied using this sort of language but he did said that message was very strong. So for me question is not whether Mr.Armitage has used this sort of undiplomatic quote or not, but with out any strong message would Pakistan have supported the War on Terror? I don’t think so, as you had said in your interview you people did made and done analysis about the option fighting against the US, only dropping plan because you realize that you will wiped out from world map, Pakistan’s military would have been wiped out, its economy couldn’t be sustained. By telling this quote you only proved which many people were saying silently all over the years that Pakistan has not joined the War on Terror of his will, but has been forced to join because he hasn’t got any option left.

Second famous quote form your book that the “US had paid millions of dollars to Pakistan for capturing Al Qaeda operatives” had come as a humiliation for your country. Under the law, the US could not give the prize money to any government or the institution. By saying this you had raised your own country credibility in fighting against terrorist and joining War on Terror. So your government could do any thing for sake of some millions dollars?

On Neighbors Relations:

By Saying “the Kargil operations were a landmark in the history of the Pakistani army.” You had not only showed that how childish mind you got, but also showed the world that you got such a short memory. In kargil war you were aggressors and your army supported Mujahidin but when India retaliated, Pakistan was defeated, and your army was forced to go back. You can’t deny it, all worlds know who went back and who lost the war, so by loosing war and running away from battle field is finest hour of Pakistan then it’s up to you. But this behavior and statements will not help in building relationship with your neighbors and could lead to more problems.

I feel that by writing this book Presdent Musharraf probably feels, being an army man he did not expect to be questioned on what he wrote or could not be asked to produce proof.  Since he is not a democratically elected leader who feels his hands are tied by the constraints of a democratic system, he does not have to worry about the direct or indirect consequence of his words. The book might have boosted President financial standing but it had neither served the cause of truth nor the interests of your own country.