More trouble for Mr.Musharraf

How Pakistan government can hang Mr.Hussain when his murder conviction has already been quashed. Second when Lahore High Court already freed him and declared him non guilty earlier, how come Sharia Court found him guilty of the crimes he never committed?  And the last thing I want to know did Mr.Hussain received fair trial under  Sharia Court , I doubt it……

Double Oxford protest greets President Musharraf

The brother of a British man facing execution in Pakistan in two days time said that he was hopeful of a reprieve after making a last-ditch appeal to President Pervez Musharraf.

Although General Musharraf declined to speak to the family of Mirza Tahir Hussain as they demonstrated outside the Oxford venue where he made a speech today, the condemned man’s supporters said they were optimistic that he would be spared the death penalty.

Mr Hussain’s brother Amjad said that as his entourage drove away General Musharraf had smiled at him and given him a thumbs-up gesture.

“He knows who I am and he looked at me and gave me the thumbs-up. I’m optimistic. He is aware of this case and it’s about time he put pen to paper and set my brother free,” said Mr Hussain.

Amnesty International demonstrators said that one of the General’s entourage had responded to the shouted questions by saying that Mr Hussain’s case was being looked into “sympathetically”.

The protest coincided with a report out this morning claiming that the Pakistani authorities have detained hundreds of alleged terror suspects and handed them over to the US authorities in return for lucrative rewards.

Amnesty says that the US practice of offering bounties running to thousands of dollars has led to the illegal detention of innocent people, including women and children.

General Musharraf spoke for an hour at the Oxford Union on Pakistan’s rejuvenated economy and its free media but he refused to take questions from reporters in the post-speech question and answer session on either the report or on Mr Hussain.

Leeds-born Mr Hussain, a former Territorial Army soldier, is due to die at dawn in Pakistan on his 36th birthday – October 1, despite having his murder conviction quashed.

He was accused of killing a taxi driver who he claimed tried to sexually assault him at gunpoint in 1988, acquitted by the Lahore High Court, and then convicted again by Pakistan’s Federal Sharia Court.

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