Extremist Islam May Be Rising in Morocco

Well Extremist is on rise every part of world but sad part is our government doesn’t care.

RABAT, Morocco (AP) — Little would seem to connect a soldier, a shopkeeper, airline pilots’ wives and a woman known for helping people in need. But all have been named as suspects in a purported Islamic terrorist plot, suggesting extremism may be leaping Morocco’s class divides.

In all, Moroccan authorities arrested 56 people last month for allegedly being part of a network that was planning attacks on military and tourist sites in hopes of bringing down the government of this North African monarchy.

Since the Sept. 11 attacks in the United States and suicide bombings two years later that killed 33 people in Casablanca, this country’s economic capital, Moroccans have grown accustomed to police crackdowns on Islamic militants.

Thousands have been detained, drawing frequent accusations of abuse and forced confessions at the hands of police.

What’s new in the latest case is the wide range of people accused. Middle-class women and security force members allegedly formed the core of a group that authorities say called itself Ansar al-Mehdi, or Supporters of the Mehdi – a divine figure in Islamic tradition who will establish justice on Earth before Judgment Day.

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