Islam, Radicalism and Government Foreign Policy

In response to this article published on Islam, Radicalism and Government Foreign Policy by Jamal….

We can’t expect Muslims in Britain not to react when Britain invades Muslim countries and kills thousands of Muslims. British foreign policy also unequivocally supports USA and Israel in continuous actions of bloodshed and slaughter on a mass scale. Meanwhile back in Britainthere’s the police’s heavy handed tactics in dealing with innocent Muslims, as well as the inherent islamophobic undertones that pervade British society.

So here is question for you Mr.Jamal, how many Muslims reacted in Pakistanwhen Musharraf and his army killed many people in Wazirestan and other North Provience? Did anyone bomb Islamabad for this? Did any body kills or attacked government buildings or any innocents in Islamabad for this? Nopeso don’t talk rubbish about reaction. If we look to some countries (especially Islamic countries) and see how people get treated in their democracy specially minorities I am sure people will be shocked to know about it. Most of British Muslim is saying as you also saying that they are not happy with the policies of government, ok fair enough but you don’t bomb the whole country because you not happy with few elected members of parliaments and their decision. Did Christians or any other religion other than Muslim bomb the places because of their own country policies?

While I do not ignore that the atrocities of 9/11 and 7/7 has impacted upon the scrutiny of Muslims in Europe, this is no reason for Muslims in Italy to be refused mosques, or the marginalisation of Muslims in Germany and Moscow, or the discontent of Muslims in France after the riots which was no fault of their own, nor the level of disadvantage received by those in Britain amidst claims that they’ve turned London into an epicentre of Islamic militancy.

Mr.Jamal I guess you don’t understand how the planning communions policy works and second when government refuse mosques or temples it’s not because they are marginalizing any particular faith, its because of secure secular and democratic society. Like mostly Muslims get offended by simple joke take for e.g. recently Mozart opera has been cancelled because producer and director got scared that it might offend Muslims people, so in same way many other religions might also get offended by having mosques in their community. Tell me how many Islamic countries allow Temples, Churches? None you cant even take Bible or Gita as its can be terms criminal offence in some Islamic country. So think in broader sense by taking full picture in your mind. Don’t be so pathetic.

The answer is in the fact that Britain has a history of creating moral panics which encourage the nation to fear various groups within youth cultures, just as specific groups of teens in America have been feared in previous and current eras. I don’t know what makes a well-off, middle-class Muslim teenager in Britain strap on a bomb, any more than you know why a well-off, middle-class Christian teenager in
America shoots his school friends. Although we are constantly warned of the threat we face from these individuals, we must remember that generalising an entire group to create a moral panic is not always warranted, productive, or even correct.

Government doesn’t want to generalize entire group or one faith, but you should also understand that threat from one group is much higher than any other groups. I don’t consider Muslims or Islam as Terrorist nor I treat every Muslims as terrorist but unfortunate things all terrorist were Muslims, so take it in this way not all Muslims are terrorist but all terrorist were Muslims. So of course governments have to keep a close eye on Muslims youth to make society more secure and better for every one. That’s is the reason government is trying to send out the message to parents asking them keep an eye on their kids so that these vulnerable kids and youths don’t get in wrong hands, nothing wrong it.

Some call for the ‘Moderate Muslims’ to speak against those that complain about anything fundamentally Western who are then labelled as ‘Radical’ or ‘Fanatical’. If Muslims complain with reference to Islam they are then labelled ‘Extremist’. If Muslims hang with Muslims, pray 5 times a day and refer to the Shariah in public they are then labelled ‘Fundamentalists’. If they protest against the Iraq war or the occupation of Palestine they are then labelled ‘Islamists’. If they attended a Mosque and unknowingly prayed next to anybody that had links to fighters from Palestine, Iraq or Afghanistanthey are then labelled ‘Jihadists’. The fact is that here is no such thing as a ‘Moderate Muslim’, as this is a term coined to define divides between differing reports of Muslim behaviour. We all follow the fundamentals and there should be nothing extreme about what we do nor do we take anything to an extreme. We are all ‘Islamists’: a believer or follower of Islam (dictionary definition) and most of all – we are all moderate because Islam is a moderate way of life, balanced to make life easier for us by doing that which is right. Those that perpetuate violence, terror, injustice and oppression, are not behaving Islamically.

No body labeled any Muslims as fanatic or extremist, till they don’t bring religion in every way of life. Take a recent example Muslims organization demanded special treatment from government and they said in this following article that “’If you give us religious rights, we will be in a better position to convince young people that they are being treated equally along with other citizens.”


They asked let them implement Sharia Law for their family matters, which is extremism why the hell a non Islamic country, with his own constitution will allow any other law which can threaten the main entity of country “Constitution”? When you live in democratic country you are abide to follow main constitution law, you can’t make your own laws nor can government give any particular faith to practice their own religious law which can challenge the main entity of democratic country “Constitution”.

At this point what we need is proper debate about this issue, government should do bit more to help these young Muslims to understand how our policies works. We should bring some really intellectual and scholars who understand a lot more about Holy Quran ( not the one who comes in Sharia TV, they bloody don’t agree with each other statements) to tell these people, what Quran says, and help the government to let these people know about UK governments policies and issues. They must understand it is not possible for any government in the world to make happy every one happy at same time. Because it’s democratic government so they go according to simple rule, majority wins. And government policies doesn’t change by terrorist threats, you can’t bow your heads in front of terrorist and criminals.

Muslims leaders should come forward and give proper statements and assure these young and vulnerable people, that government and normal public of this country is with them, they are not isolated and neglected. We need proper Muslims scholars (not moderate or extremists Muslims) to do this job.

Make this country, more safe and secure.


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