Pakistan will learn how to run Madarsa from India….

And its true, Pakistan government has requested Indian State West Bengal government share the secret of their success Madarsa. So hoping that they do use West Bengal progressive model of Madarsa to change the image of Pakistan Extremist Madarsas, only time will tell…..

New Delhi, September 21: A ‘socialist society,’ enrolment of girls, professional management, sufficient funds_here are some tips on madarsa reforms from the West Bengal Government to Pakistan.

Pakistan wanted the West Bengal Government to “share” the details of its success (12 per cent of the students in madarsas in the state are non-Muslims) in madarsa education to dispel the “negative impression” that these institutions are the “breeding ground” for terrorism. The state government’s reply, detailing the madarsa model, has been sent to the Ministry of External Affairs to be passed on to Pakistan.

The West Bengal Government says that the “socialist nature of the society”, where children from non-Muslim communities too attend madarsas, is one of the reasons for its success. The appointment of teachers are done through the Schools Service Commission, the government agency that hires teachers for secondary and higher secondary-level schools across the state, to ensure that there is no dilution of quality. “We just say while advertising for the posts for madarsa teachers that teachers should have knowledge of Islam and its culture,” explains Abdul Sattar, West Bengal’s Minister of State, Minorities Development & Welfare and Madarsa Education.

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