Under scan, Gujarat madrasas to tell govt: let cops screen admissions

Not a bad idea, I am sure this sort measures will help country to get rid of some extremist. Appreciate the efforts of Gujarat Madrasas….

VADODARA, SEPTEMBER 28: With madrasas under the scanner again after the arrest of two former students of a Bharuch seminary, the Gujarat Federation of Madrasas has decided to do a rethink on admission policy and procedure, especially of Kashmiri students.

After the Ramzan holidays end and before the new session begins, the seminaries also plan to draw up stricter guidelines — among them will be an all-clear from Gujarat police before a student is admitted.

Two former students of Kantharia Darul-uloom in Bharuch — Ilyas Memon and Siraj Ansari — were picked up after a Lashkar sleeper cell was busted in Ahmedabad recently. A few Kashmiri students were also detained for questioning by investigation agencies which is why the seminary is mulling a ban on Kashmiri students.

Gujarat is presently home to 75 Darul-ulooms with boarding facilities. Twenty-six of them offer higher education, with research doctoral courses in Islamic studies. While madrasas are spread across the state, most are concentrated in South Gujarat, especially Bharuch.

Abdul Haq, one of the trustees of Kantharia Darul-uloom, admitted that there were incidents where ex-students were found involved in militant activity. “It is a sad fact. We are, therefore, thinking of barring admissions to Kashmiri students from the new academic session,” said Haq, adding “but it is a discriminatory decision, students are also not happy about it.”

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