Update: Pakistan ‘role in Mumbai attacks’

11 Pakistanis, 7 locals executed Mumbai terror plot, says police

The operation had the stamp of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence and was executed with the help of Pak-based terrorist outfits Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed.


  1. What is India doing to prevent these terrorganisations from handing out attacks?

  2. Apparently India is doing nothing as far as I am concern. We dont need talk with Pakistan when guns are already talking.

  3. Hey could you tell me the source of this information? I would like to read more about this…

    And thanks a bunch for adding me to your list 🙂

  4. Ruhi

    You are most welcome

    here is links for you to read




    hope this will help 🙂

  5. OH DAMMIT!! this is sick!! Im so pissed off..cant even explain my anger now. Thanks so much for sharing this piece of information !

  6. Ruhi You are most welcome, I am just trying my bit to expose pickled news. Media is rubbish:)

  7. Ruhi

    What I ma trying to say what sort of proof Pakistan needs? 11 pakistanis arrested for bombing is that not enough?

  8. Yeah! we all know how that country works. Nothing will ever satisfy them!! they dont even want to co-operate..so there is no question of accepting any proof!!! hmmphhff

  9. Hey this is pretty clear that its PAKISTAN and only PAKISTAN along with its ISI and jihadi extremist elements who are bent upon causing destruction and mayhem in INDIA.If we carefully analyse their ideology,we can clearly sense that these people want to break INDIA on religious lines and ultimately triumph over INDIA.BUT hey do these people think that they can ever achieve that in reality.Atleast every INDIAN who is patriotic at heart whould say a big “NO”.Since PAKISTAN can’t take on INDIA face to face thats why they have launched a proxy war to “BLEEED INDIA THROUGH THOUSAND
    CUTS”.Thats their long term objective.THE only remedy is we have to retaliate in the same manner like attemting to destabilise PAKISTAN as there are many fault lines existing in PALKISTAN which we can exploit.Give a free run to RAW and IB to do and realise it into reality.Unless and until Pakistan is not bled in the same way,if i have my say even greater in intensity and suffering,itz not goin to learn.SO get going and implement it.
    alwayz_impressive_guy (yahoo id)

  10. Ruhi,

    Main thing is they cant approve proof what ever India will provide because that will show them terrorist state. In my opnion India should take firm decision and accordingly in the interest of Indians. You cant give proof every time, if you got belive and you know that Pakistan is involved then teach them lesson its a peak time. Eye for Eye

  11. Dear Chiku,

    First of thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your thoughts. your points are brilliant and very correct I do agree with your comments, India need to show the world that we are capable of standing for ourselfs when its really matters. Pakistan is doing damage day by day but our politicans are still busy in preapring talk agenda for next level peace talk. It total rubbish why should we have to talk when guns are already talking?

    Buddy I could have email you my response but I didnt know what you yahoo extension means .co.in or .com or co.uk?

    Keep visitng and once again thanks alot for your thoughts and time.

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