Muslims in Europe do not pose threat to European values: study

This is interesting, then who pose the threat to European values? because it is for sure that we are loosing core basic European values……

New York, October 1: The 15 million Muslims residing in Europe today do not pose a threat to European values or politics given the extent of their myriad divisions and internal fragmentation, a new study has said. 

This conclusion contradicts analysts and policymakers who after 9/11 fear the impact of Muslims on European politics and policy based on the assumption that a Muslim bloc will soon emerge to dominate the foreign and domestic policies of European states if nothing is done to prevent it.

The findings of the study, co-authored by political scientists Carolyn M Warner and Manfred W Wenner at Arizona State University and entitled “Religion and the Political Organization of Muslims in Europe” appeared in Perspectives on Politics, a journal of the American Political Science Association (APSA).

“Western fears and criticisms are partly based on serious ignorance of the characteristics of Islam and of the people in Europe who adhere to it,” the authors said, pointing out that “Islam is a highly decentralised religion structurally biased against facilitating large scale collective action”.

Terror trainer Cheema lives in Pak fortress

Good to see how soon Pakistan decline this claim…..

MUMBAI: One of the strongest links of the 7/11 blasts to Pakistan is Azam Cheema, who is in charge of training recruits for the Pakistan-based terrorist outfit, Lashkar-e-Taiba, say the Mumbai police and Indian intelligence agencies which took nearly three months to piece together the jigsaw.

Almost everyone arrested for the blasts has been trained by him, say the police. “Cheema, who is in his early fifties, lives in a palatial house in Bahawalpur, Pakistan, which is guarded like a fortress. He moves around with dozens of heavily armed bodyguards and escort cars. Every now and then, he makes trips to Islamabad to meet VIPs,” Mumbai police commissioner A N Roy said on Sunday.

It was in the LeT’s training camp at Bahawalpur that Faisal Shaikh (30), the LeT’s Western Indian commander, was trained. “Faisal was Cheema’s favourite student and wanted to stay back in Pakistan. But Cheema sent him back, saying that his mission was in India,” said the police chief

We Got Proof India Tells Pak To Act

Pakistan is waging a war against India, and India would be quite withing its right to do whatever it takes to defeat its enemy. So far 15 people have been arrested, including 11 Pakistanis, but our Indian Government still saying Pakistan is our friends and we need to talk to solve the problem. RUBBISH…

New Delhi, October 1: India said it would give Pakistan evidence its investigators found to link Pakistan’s ISI and an extremist group based there to deadly bomb blasts in Mumbai that killed 186 people in July. The comments by the new Foreign Secretary, Shiv Shankar Menon, came a day after police in Mumbai, the country’s financial hub, said they had solid proof that Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency had masterminded the carnage. “We will judge them not by immediate reactions or verbal statements (but) by what they actually do about terrorism,” Menon said.

“It seems to me logical that the mechanism has to deal with this kind of evidence,” he added, referring to an agreement between the two countries to set up a joint agency to tackle terrorism

When Hindus wear the burkha

Are we all gone crazy? India a Secular country or Islamic Country?

Malti Laad is looking forward to going shopping with her friends next week. It’s Ramzan after all, and, she points out, “Hamari Diwali bhi to hai.” As the group of veiled women samples the goodies on Mohammed Ali Road, they will help Malti buy what’s on top of her Diwali shopping list: a black burkha. The one she wears now belongs to the school where she teaches.

As Malti talks to me inside the school’s air-conditioned audio-visual room, a middle-aged, bearded male enters announcing his presence with a loud “excuse me”. Without a pause in the conversation, Malti pulls down her double-layered naqaab (face veil). As I try to adjust to the pair of kohl-lined eyes that this jovial 23-year-old has suddenly transformed into, the man walks towards us with glasses of water, his head turned firmly away from us. 
The Al-Jamiatul-Fikriya Islamic English School in central Mumbai, which is run entirely on Islamic lines, is full of such surprises. A bearded man in a white kurta pyjama and namaz cap welcomes me in fluent English, commenting on the sudden downpour. Then I see a string of teachers appear, their eyes looking out from black veils as they greet me, “Good evening, ma’am.” Some of them are Hindu.

In The Line Of Fireâ?? A Memoir

Pakistan is again on front pages of all major tabloids and television all over world, not because of any terrorist link or Taliban
â??s but because of his own President revelation of some secret to sell his books and make some good money as he realize that his â??political demiseâ?? is near.

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Tesco takes on Microsoft in battle for software market

That’s interesting, Only time will tell how much competition Tesco can give to Giant software House “Microsoft”. Lets hope for the best…

Tesco, the UK’s biggest retailer, will go head-to-head with Microsoft, the world’s largest software company, by entering the £8.5bn computer software market. The retailer will launch Tesco-branded software in 100 stores this month. An initial range of six products, which will include office software and security suites, will sell for less than £20 each, massively undercutting rivals’ prices. Microsoft Office sells for up to £300.

Playing a cunning game of survival in the war zone

He is gone Mad, he knows very well his political career is about to finish. So Presdent Musharraf probably thought to write a book and make some Dollars in hurry. He feels, being an army man he did not expect to be questioned on what he wrote or could not be asked to produce proof.  Since he is not a democratically elected leader who feels his hands are tied by the constraints of a democratic system, he does not have to worry about the direct or indirect consequence of his words. The book might have boosted President financial standing but it had neither served the cause of truth nor the interests of your own country.

Pervez Musharraf was, by his own admission, a naughty child. His discovery that an unfiltered cigarette made an efficient time fuse led him and some friends to construct firecracker bombs that exploded deafeningly in rubbish bins and mail boxes outside the houses of school staff. “There was utter confusion,” he recalled with satisfaction.

Old habits die hard, it seems. Last week the president of Pakistan fired up a string of incendiary revelations that embarrassed the White House, upset Downing Street and goaded President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan into a hissy fit. For good measure, he appeared on an American chat show and traded jokes about President George W Bush. Musharraf was promoting his memoirs, a task usually left to retirement, but like most dictators, the 63-year-old army chief of staff shows little enthusiasm for leaving the stage. And just as his schoolboy prank went unpunished, he can count himself fireproof as one of the main beneficiaries of 9/11. Once a pariah whose links with terrorists accounted for President Bill Clinton’s refusal to be photographed shaking his hand, he is now feted by western leaders as a key figure in the global war against terror.

His first thunderflash last week was a stunner. Musharraf claimed the US had threatened to bomb Pakistan “back to the Stone Age” if it did not co-operate with America after the September 11 attacks.

A shaken Bush said he was “taken aback” by the claim and Richard Armitage, the former US deputy secretary of state accused of making the threat, insisted he had merely said “you are either with us or against us”.