Film “shows two 9/11 pilots reading wills”: Report

Surprised to be honest….How come tabloid got the video? Well I just hope and pray that this video will help to answer many unanswered question.

LONDON: A British newspaper claimed it had obtained a copy of a film showing two of the pilots in the September 11 2001 attacks reading martyrdom wills at Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden’s headquarters.

The newspaper reported that the video showed Mohammed Atta, the lead hijacker who flew the first plane into New York’s World Trade Center, with Ziad Jarrah, pilot of a plane, which crashed in Pennsylvania after passengers apparently stormed the cockpit.

According to the paper, the well-groomed pair are shown laughing and smiling in the January 2000 film but turn solemn when Atta starts reading a document marked “the will” in Arabic. Jarrah also reads his will on film.

The hour-long tape, which has no soundtrack and which lipreaders have been unable to decipher, was obtained through “a previously tested channel,” the newspaper said.

Its authenticity has been confirmed by Al-Qaeda and United States sources “on condition of anonymity,” it added.

The video is also said to show Bin Laden addressing his followers at a mud-walled complex near Kandahar, southern Afghanistan, although this footage is dated ten days before the wills were recorded.

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