Muslims in Europe do not pose threat to European values: study

This is interesting, then who pose the threat to European values? because it is for sure that we are loosing core basic European values……

New York, October 1: The 15 million Muslims residing in Europe today do not pose a threat to European values or politics given the extent of their myriad divisions and internal fragmentation, a new study has said. 

This conclusion contradicts analysts and policymakers who after 9/11 fear the impact of Muslims on European politics and policy based on the assumption that a Muslim bloc will soon emerge to dominate the foreign and domestic policies of European states if nothing is done to prevent it.

The findings of the study, co-authored by political scientists Carolyn M Warner and Manfred W Wenner at Arizona State University and entitled “Religion and the Political Organization of Muslims in Europe” appeared in Perspectives on Politics, a journal of the American Political Science Association (APSA).

“Western fears and criticisms are partly based on serious ignorance of the characteristics of Islam and of the people in Europe who adhere to it,” the authors said, pointing out that “Islam is a highly decentralised religion structurally biased against facilitating large scale collective action”.

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