Mohammad Cartoon on Norwegian TV

Mohammad Cartoon will be shown again on Norwegian TV Channel on Monday night in a documentary “Threatened to Silence” for the first time since it was published in Danish news paper last year which created biggest upset through out the Islamic world. Good to see, how Iran will react after this show as they had challenged the Europe week ago on freedom of speech and freedom of expression by organizing the Holocaust Cartoon Exhibition.

Norwegian TV Channel TV 2 will show Mohammad cartoons.

(VG Nett) This coming Monday the controversial Mohammad cartoons will be shown on Norwegian TV screens for the very first time.

for full story go to News from Norway

Published By Permission gandalf

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  1. One can always use the word “freedom of expression” for anything but that has to be used with responsibility- why do something that is bound to arouse provocation? This ilke putting your hand in the fire or ” Aa bail mujhe maar”.

  2. Hiren,

    It’s not always like that, why should western countries change the tradition and their identity? Western countries live in liberal democracies which give them rights Freedom of Speech and Freedom of expression under human right law. Of course many countries don’t have this sort of benefit where you allowed to speak what ever you feel like with out any censorship. Artists are free to express their views in West they talk about Jesus too, so why should they should change? Only 2 weeks Iran organized Holocaust Cartoon exhibition, did west complained about it? Nope, because they believe in Freedom or Expression and Speech. Its just we need to understand their values and traditions if we are living in their country simple as that, don’t like it then move on, Why should one country should change their own values in tradition on very first place.

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