Mumbai blasts: “No handing over of suspect, says Pak.”

Same old story, I guess its a peak time for Indian government to show they are serious in handling terrorist and proxy war which is started by Pakistan against India.

Islambad, Oct. 2 (PTI): A day after New Delhi said it would confront Islamabad with the evidence of its involvement in the Mumbai blasts, Pakistan today promised it will take action against any of its nationals having links with the attack if provided information about it, but would not hand over any suspect.

If “India feels it is not propagandist and it feels that it has some information that suggests links with some people, some kind of connection, yes, we will take action and help India investigate,” Foreign Office spokesperson, Tasnim Aslam, told reporters here.

However, she made it clear that Pakistan would not hand over anybody to India. “But at the same time, nobody would be handed over,” she said.

She was asked about Indian Foreign Secretary, Shiv Shankar Menon’s statement on Sunday that India would confront Pakistan with the evidence of ISI’s involvement in Mumbai blasts.

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