Pakistani prison asks for fresh date to hang Briton

How Pakistan government can hang Mr.Hussain when his murder conviction has already been quashed earlier by Lahore court. Second when Lahore High Court already freed him and declared him non guilty earlier, how come Sharia Court found him guilty of the crimes he never committed? And the last thing I want to know did Mr.Hussain received fair trial under Sharia Court , I doubt it……under Sharia Law..

ISLAMABAD – Pakistani prison authorities asked a court on Monday to fix a new date for the execution of British man sentenced to hang in case that was raised by Prime Minister Tony Blair with President Pervez Musharraf last week.

A British television channel had broadcast an interview with President Pervez Musharraf on Sunday in which the Pakistani leader said he would not reverse a court’s decision regarding Mirza Tahir Hussain.

“I’m not a dictator,” he said. “I can’t violate a court judgement, whether you like the court or not,” Musharraf told ITV’s programme, “The Sunday Edition”.

Hussain, 36, from Leeds in northern England, has spent half his life in jail since his arrest following the shooting of a taxi driver, Jamshaid Khan, in Islamabad in 1988.

The government has stayed his execution from month to month since June.

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