British Asians or British Hindu?

HINDUS living in Britain do not want to be described as “Asian”, according to a big government sponsored research in Britain. Instead, they want to be known as British Indian, British Hindu — or even Desi, a Hindi word growing in popularity with the young that means being rooted in one’s home country.

UK Hindus want to be called `British Hindus’ or `British Indians’

By Mike Lockey, London, Sept 25: Government-sponsored research in Britain has revealed that Hindus in the UK prefer to be called “British Hindus” or “British Indians” rather than “British Asians”.

As a result of these findings, some leading British Asians, amongst them being the novelist Hari Kunzru and South Asian Women Unite’s Amrit Wilson, have been reported as saying that the research could foment social divisions between Hindus and Muslims.

Good to see this report and glad to know that UK Government is planning to do some thing for Hindu & Sikh community in UK which is in my opinion is correct and very nice gesture of UK government to help Hindu and Sikh community to easily integrate with British multi faith and multicultural society. Hindus are the country’s third largest religious group, after Christians and Muslims. When ever I listen to radio or watch television, the government of UK is much more concerned about British Muslims, because of this fact other so called Asian community feeling neglected. When ever you watch a program on TV or listen BBC channel about Asian community it’s always shows you Muslim culture, talk about Muslim culture that’s the reason in Britain today Hindu and Sikhs are feeling neglected and alienated.

Like for example if you go to hospital if you are Muslim you will be able to get Halal food, while if you Hindu and vegetarian (or say ‘Vaishnava Hindu) can’t eat food with onion and garlic, you wont be able to get food why? Because people in hospitals, don’t understand about Hindu culture and traditions.

Hindus in Leicester are trying to build crematorium, but till now they haven’t got permission from council, while if you want construct a Mosque you will permission straight away right?
In Leicester Muslims can be buried in their own cemetery within 24 hours to fit in with their religious requirements, while Hindus have been asking for their own crematorium for 20 years.

When government talks about racism they talk Islam phobia and attack against Muslim community, I had never heard they talk about racism again British Hindu and Sikh community why? Hindus and Sikhs are also targeted by some idiot’s racist’s people on every day basis. But no one talks about it? Reason is simple in my opinion, simple you shout and you get noticed if you don’t shout you won’t get noticed.

Britain is multicultural and multi faith country but it doesn’t mean cultural parity. Multiculturalism does give you space and right to follow your own tradition and culture.

So in end it about Identity among Hindus & Sikhs living in UK and in other countries around the world. Hopefully in future we will see some more efforts form governments to help Hindus & Sikhs community so that they can integrate with British community easily and help the country to.

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