Cameron Diaz gives Spaniards a “flash of boob”!

Spanish are lucky:) Really I dont understand why she has to change her clothes in public?

Diaz’s breathless ‘boob show’!

Cameron Diaz gave holidaymakers on the Spanish island of Majorca “a vacation that was worth every penny spent,” when she stripped off for a fashion shoot on the beach.

The actress gave other sunbathers quite a view of her bare breasts when she changed from a grey chiffon skirt to a white bikini, and then later into skin-tight black hotpants.

“Almost every time Cameron changed her clothes we got a flash of boob,” Newsoftheworld quoted one sunbather, as saying..


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  1. Attract more media attention perhaps? 😀

  2. hahah it’s funny to see the same kind of posts being the top ones on every blog 😀

  3. Awwwwww, no pictures? 😦

  4. blz 100 comentários

  5. Cameron Diaz has reportedly been seen bragging about her new lover’s penis.

    Shes bver Justin then I guess!

  6. Can someone please ask Ms. Cameron Diaz if she will spend one month with me on an uncharted deserted island? I am already married, so can’t ask her to marry me…

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