Islam World Will Be Relieved If Pope Makes Full Apology, Erdogan

The Islam world will be relieved if the Pope makes a full apology,” Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.

So what you people want ?Pope should come to you Bow his Head and Say Sorry Sorry Sorry three time? Rubbish! Pope has already said sorryVatican has issued official Apology. Pope shouldn’t be sorry on very first place because its not his personal views, his remarks was from one context which was said by some one nearly 700 years ago. Some hardcore Muslims leaders are just trying to ignore Vatican clarification and Pope Apology. Instead of creating and bridging the gap, they are busy in creating tension and hatred among each other. Muslim world should forgive and forget the whole unpleasant episode and they must demonstrate by their behavior that their faith really teaches and practice Peace! Stop Blame Game!


On fundamentalism, Erdogan said, “fundamentalism is a problem in every religion. But, there is no fundamentalist threat in Turkey today. Secularism is a system that protects the country and nation against extreme movements. As the government, we are taking measures against extreme movements. Secularism is an insurance for different life styles.”

I agree with you every religion got problems with fundamentalist, but tell me one religion which comes out and start threatening other religions and peoples like Muslims Do? None even Pope said some thing about Buddha too but tell me how many Monks came out and start threatening Pope and Christians? So stop Rubbish grow up and talk sense! How you can say that there is no threat of fundamentalist in Turkey, Only yesterday President Ahmet Necdet Sezer has warned that Islamic Fundamentalists Threat to Turkey. So better don’t Lie!

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  1. I seem to recall a Turkish fellow named Mehmet Ali Agca. On May 13, 1981 in St. Peter’s Square he pumped four 9mm bullets into Pope John Paul II. While the Pope survived, the wounds caused him great pain and suffering and most certainly shortened his life. John Paul later visited Agca in his prison cell and forgave him. So far, no apology has been forthcoming from Agca, the Turkish govenment, or any member of the Muslim Brotherhood. So what’s all this cheap shit about Pope Benedict apologizing to them?

  2. Hi Chase

    Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing yoru views, you are right I do agree with you, but I guess some stupid politicians and peoples dont understand it, which is sad.

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