New Miss World has NO Boyfriend

Single and Searching? Fancy A Try? 🙂

New Miss World has no boyfriend and adores Paris


WARSAW: The new Miss World, blonde Czech 18-year-old Tatana Kucharova, currently has no boyfriend and adores Paris, she said on Sunday.

“I don’t have a boyfriend and I haven’t yet the ideal man in my life. In any case I don’t think such a man exists,” Kucharova told journalists in Warsaw the day after her victory in the famous global beauty contest.

Kucharova, who has grey-green eyes and measures 5 feet 10 inches is currently studying English and Spanish in Prague. She is also passionate about history and travelling.

“She loves Paris, especially the sites concerned with Louis XIV. She spent two weeks in that city this summer visiting museums and art galleries,” her father Lubos Kuchar said.


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  1. 5’10”, dayum.

  2. hey i want to be her boyfriend

  3. lol Eka, are you setting up a dating service on the side? 😉

  4. Hey,

    Well not really but yeah just trying to help single guys lol:)

  5. Hell Purefnevyl,

    5.10 is allright 🙂 dont you think so? hehe:) thanks for visiting my blog..

  6. Hey Zaki,

    Thanks for visiting my blog, well if you want her to be your g/f then better move to chezck Republick now, there is big Q for would be B/F for 2006 Miss World:)

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