Traditional marriage vows ‘could be used to justify wife beating’

As far as I know and I am sure any other normal human being also knows that beating a women can not be justified in any religion or in any court. Who ever beats women whether she is Wife, Sister, Mother or Aunt they are evil. Guys who thinks religions allows them to beat women are dumb, because even if we think in normal way we know that from our heart that beating women can not be justified in any circumstances.

The traditional marriage vows in which the bride promises to “obey” her husband could be used by men to justify domestic violence, a Church of England report said yesterday.

The report, backed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, accused the Church of failing at “many points” to prevent abuse.

It said that theological ideas such as male “headship” had been enshrined in the marriage service and could be misinterpreted as supporting the idea that the wife should submit to the husband.

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  1. Eka,
    I agree that no man who beats a woman is a real man. But I must say that these folks have way too much time on their hands – and this sort of thing I believe has had the effect of feminizing men and giving us the lovely ‘metrosexual.’ Real men don’t beat women, only cowards and rat-bastards do. IMHO.

  2. Hi Writerchick,

    Hope you keeping well, and thanks alot for coming back on my blog. Well I still dont understand how any man can say that they only beating women because their religion ask them? its just total rubbish. Any normal guy knows beating a women is just a coward act no matter what. Real man who belives in his own religion will never ever beat women.

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