Vatican-Muslim dialogue back to square one: cardinal

Very Right, I agree with him. Some radicals running campaign against Pope, in my opinion Pope had nothing to apologies for… 

PARIS – Vatican relations with the Islamic world must be restarted from square one because Muslims insist on misinterpreting Pope Benedict’s recent comments on Islam, Germany’s top Catholic cardinal said in an article on Wednesday.

Cardinal Karl Lehmann, head of the German Catholic Bishops Conference, accused Muslim critics of running a campaign against the Pope and said the Pontiff had nothing to apologise for.

The blunt comments from Lehmann, whose rich and influential church has close ties to the German-born Pope, seem to have been sparked by an unusual call from the 56-nation Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) for him to retract his words.The OIC call came a day after Benedict had received Muslim ambassadors to the Vatican and repeated his regrets for any misunderstanding of his Sept. 12 speech in which he quoted a Byzantine emperor saying Islam was evil and violent.“These open or hidden threats have to stop,” Lehmann said in the weekly newspaper of his Mainz diocese.

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Suicide bombers brainwashed in Pakistan, says Afghan spy agency

Any Questions?

KABUL – Would-be suicide bombers detained in Afghanistan claim they have been brainwashed and equipped by Arab, Chechen and Uzbek militants in Pakistan, the Afghan intelligence service said Wednesday.

The claims were from 17 attackers who were arrested in the past month before they had the chance to strike, Sayed Ansari, the spokesman for the Afghan National Directorate of Security told reporters.

Pakistan, which like Afghanistan is a key US ally in the “war on terror”, has repeatedly denied the existence of militant training facilities on its soil.

“All of the detained have confessed they received training for suicide attacks, attacks against schools and institutions from Arab, Chechen and Uzbek instructors on the other side of the border (Pakistan),” said Ansari.

He said illiterate people, those with a poor religious education or from deprived backgrounds were being “brainwashed” in Pakistani training camps across the border and sent to Afghanistan.

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UN quake aid went to extremists

Remember President Musharraf praising Jamaat ud-Dawa and the al-Rashid Trust for their humaterian work aftermath of the earthquake? Jamaat ud-Dawa is closely associated with Let (Lashkar-e-Toiba) a banned terrorist organisation. All these charities not doing any sort of humanitarian work LeT is involved in terrorism and committed many crimes against humanity is still banned but still Government of Pakistan praising their associated organisation. Who says Pakistan support Terrorist?


Some UN relief money was channelled through charities associated with extremist jihadi groups in the wake of the 2005 Pakistan earthquake, a BBC investigation has found.

The quake killed 79,000 people, and left 11,000 children orphaned last October. More than two million people lost their homes.

The BBC has discovered that one of the charities linked with extremists is now using its position to gain access to orphaned or fatherless children.

In the days following the catastrophic earthquake, the government of Pakistan promised that all such children would be looked after either by their extended family or the state.

It is difficult to imagine the scale of the destruction last October. Many of the survivors told me they thought it was the end of the world – literally.


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Indian Call Centre:Boom or Doom:Concern Over Showing Cracks

On 5th of October UK television channel (Channel 4) will air footage of sting operation which will show two Indian middlemen selling personal and confidential financial information of UK citizens they allegedly obtained from Indian call centers.

New Delhi: The Indian BPO industry is gearing up for Thursday morning blues. UK-based broadcaster Channel 4 has said it would air a sting operation on October 5 that would purportedly blow the lid off the thriving data theft scandal in India’s booming outsourcing industry.

The sting operation, titled The Data Theft Scandal, will reportedly show two Indian middlemen selling personal and confidential financial information of UK citizens they allegedly obtained from Indian call centers.

According to a prelim report published on the website of the London daily The Sunday Times (, “middlemen” – in connivance with willing Indian BPO employees – offer “bulk packages” of crucial information like thousands of credit card numbers, passport and driving license details to the highest bidders.

“They even have access to taped telephone conversations in which British customers disclose sensitive security information to call center staff,” reports The Sunday Times


This news about Indian call centre, the unfolding story of theft of privacy data, I took it with mixture of feelings, Alarmed and Frustration. Alarmed because these sort of incidents are damaging our BPO industry reputation and Frustration because this sort of theft and security breach matter most when its happens in India then anywhere else in world, reason because many employee organization in ( UK and US ) and even people are against of off shoring their private details to other country.

Unfortunately this is not the first time it has happened, only a month ago Time of India reported case of BPO lady employee who used some cards of customer of US to buy luxuries things for her family and home Time of India Report: Misusing ‘confidential’ info: BPO staff arrested

Last year we had heard that employee of one call centre sold the credits cards details to one under cover reporter of British news papers, just for some money.

Every day we hear the call of many MPs and MEPs of Europe about better protection of personal data of EU citizens. They are trying hard to persuade the governments of EU countries to bring the law against off shoring of personal data. They want regulation to prevent unauthorized access of personal details being processed abroad.

There was an article few months ago in British news Evening Standard about off shoring and how Criminals are trying to bribe Indian call centre workers to get access to customer credit card details. Analysts have already predicted these sorts of bad news could reduce India’s call centre growth by as much as 30 per cent. This is a serious problem, considering that India’s call center industry accounts for a quarter of all software and services exports from the country.

India’s offshore call-centre industry is facing a major security crisis that could damage the reputation of whole industry.

It hard now a days to make people believe that a problem is with people (employees), not offshore/onshore. This sort of fraud and identity theft can happen anywhere and in fact it has happened more in US and UK, then in Indian call centre.

It is correct it’s not a problem with off shore or outsourcing its problem with people working with these companies. Companies put everything, proper infrastructure, security checks and last but not least the trust in their valuable employees. If employees broke this trust then sure companies well whole BPO specially call centre industry are at risk.

In my opinion companies should start doing proper security check of each employee before they employ, whether it’s for financial process are not. Like in US and in UK there are accepted standards for employment. A typical call-center worker will be going through a standardized background-check process, a drug-screen, and so forth. To protect BPO industry in India, government should make legislation for this.

I had seen many adverts about On-Spot Offer, well stop doing this, make proper standard of employment in BPO industry, and do proper background checks, education checks and so on….

Data security has become the top risk concern for many UK and US companies that are considering outsourcing operations. To keep our BPO industry government should bring strict laws for BPO industry and for BPO employees. We need to act on this and fast, as time is running out and world is watching us.

We need strict Laws for Data Protection, and strict punishment for people who is breaching. Just because some greedy people we cant afford to loose our BPO industry reputation. We got many talented and honest people; we just need a proper standard recruitment procedure for this industry.

Any one can argue with me saying, well in fact one of my friend who is operation head in one MNC call centre in India has come up with this point,

“No matter what the prospective punishment there will always be people who will trade information for money.”

So for them I want clear that, it’s correct that No matter what the prospective punishment there will always be people who will trade information for money. But I am sure it will reduce the crime rate. If there will be strict laws and rules, people will follow it, people who don’t follow they will be at risk of getting strict punishment, so at least some people won’t do this sort of things, when they think about punishment.

If we really want to safe this industry we at least need these three things;


  • We need strict regulation for BPO employees.
  • We need standard employment procedure for all BPO employees.
  • We need strict rules for any cyber crimes.


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Indian PM tells Pakistan to ‘walk the talk’ on anti-terror vow

I guess our honorable PM is asking too much from Pakistan. How come he or any body in India can expect them (Pakistan) to be sincere about tackling terrorism, when they are main culprit in 99% bombing in India. Give me one example where Pakistan have been sincere in tackling the terrorist? How we can trust Mr.Musharraf when he is clearly saying that “the Kargil operations were a landmark in the history of the Pakistani army.” We are well capable of tackling this terrorist by our-self, so just tackle it, give a big lesson to these terrorist and show the world India don’t need anyone helps to tackle terrorism in India. 

NEW DELHI – Pakistan has to prove it is sincere about working with India to counter terrorism, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh warned after police accused Islamabad of plotting blasts that killed 186 commuters in India’s financial capital Mumbai.

‘Pakistan will have to walk the talk,’ to back up its promise to cooperate on terrorism, Singh told reporters Tuesday night.

‘Whatever has been discovered (by Mumbai police), we shall share that information with Pakistan and test them on how sincere they are in carrying forward the commitment I and President (Pervez) Musharraf have underlined,’ Singh said on his plane trip home from South Africa.

Mumbai police chief A.N. Roy on Saturday publicly accused Pakistan’s spy agency, the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), of orchestrating the July attacks on trains that also wounded 800.

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Israel should face war crimes probe over Lebanon: UN food rights expert

And Hamas will get Nobel Peace Prize? If Israel if guilty of war crimes then Hamas is guilty of Human Rights crime by killings innocents in terrorist attack all over Israel.

GENEVA: Israel should be held to account for possible war crimes during its offensive in Lebanon, the United Nations’ food rights expert said in a report obtained today.

Jean Ziegler, who reports to the UN Human Rights Council, called for an international probe to determine whether Israel was responsible for “grave breaches” of the Geneva Conventions and “possibly, war crimes” under the rules of the International Criminal Court. Ziegler visited Lebanon from Sept 11-16. He is due tomorrow to present his findings to the 47-nation Council, which is currently in session.

In his report, Ziegler said that during its July 12 to August 14 offensive Israel appeared to have forgotten that the Geneva Conventions which govern conflicts bar warring parties from attacking food and water supplies.

“According to international jurisprudence, the government of Israel should be held responsible under international law for any violation of the right to food of the Lebanese civilian population,” he said.

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US asks India to stop blaming Pakistan

Double standard? When some one attack on US you start full fledges War and when some one attack
India you ask India to sit and talk to resolve the issue. Need to change this attitude if you people really want to win War on Terror. You can’t have one policy for yourself and one policy for the other country for the same problem.


ISLAMABAD, Oct 3: The United States on Tuesday advised India not to blame Pakistan for the Mubmai blasts without certain proof and suggested that New Delhi should resolve the issue through a ‘direct contact’ with Islamabad.

“India should communicate with Pakistan by having direct contact instead of talking about the Mumbai train blasts in the public,” US Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker told a news conference.

He said the United States wanted Indian and Pakistani governments to discuss all the issues between them, including the Kashmir dispute, to normalise their relations.

“We hope that both the countries would keep all their channels open to rectify their misunderstandings,” he said, adding that accusing statements would serve no purpose.

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